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10 Traditional Arabian Dishes Restaurants in Dubai


Dubai’s thriving real estate industry is popular among both investors and residents. The emirate promises an interesting lifestyle as well as fantastic employment prospects. Owing to its worldwide attractions, jaw-dropping architecture, and hosting international events, it is also a great destination for world’s best cuisine.

Dubai’s dining scene is broad, primarily catering to the city’s sizable expat population and jet-setting visitors. Those looking for true local foods with Emirati, Lebanese, Persian, and Arabic flavors, on the other hand, can find plenty of options in Dubai.

Let’s have a look at Dubai’s best local arabian dishes that will please your appetite.

  1. Siraj Restaurant

Siraj Restaurant’s sparkling design elements and location in Dubai’s iconic Souk Al Bahar transport customers to an Arabian Nights-style atmosphere. Those in need of a meal after touring the market and its colorful array of carpets, handicrafts, and jewelry could relax and refresh at Siraj, where they could dine while taking in views of the Dubai Fountain on Burj Khalifa Lake.

Siraj’s menu features genuine Emirati cuisine with modern flourishes, such as arayes lamb (minced lamb in Arabic bread), lobster kibbeh (stuffed dough balls), mouhalabieh (Lebanese milk pudding) with honey, and camel tenderloin.

  1. Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea House provides a pleasant getaway from frantic daily life, with its skylight-roofed eating space packed with plants, flowers, and vibrant turquoise and white furnishings. Breakfast platters are popular here, with options including a savory Egyptian platter, an Emirati platter, and a kid’s tray.

With bench-style seating and big tables, this is a spot to linger over a cup of gahwa (Arabian-style coffee) and for convivial family meals or group meetings. The original Arabian Tea House is located in the historic neighborhood of Al Fahidi, and additional locations have since opened around the UAE and beyond.

  1. Al Fanar Restaurant and Café 

Al Fanar Restaurant and Café serves traditional Emirati cuisine in a setting designed to transport you back in time to when Dubai was a small desert settlement of tents and fishermen’s huts. Al Fanar was named for the kerosene lanterns used to illuminate traditional mud-packed dwellings.

Despite its location in the modern Dubai Festival City Mall, Al Fanar’s design and ambiance of muted desert tones and soft lighting harken back to the 1960s. The menu includes a variety of foods, ranging from Arabic and Emirati breakfast trays with raqaq, khameer, and chebab breads to major courses such as Saloona Lahan Badaweya (mutton stew).

  1. Logma Restaurant

Logma Restaurant has gained a local following for its modern take on traditional Emirati and Khaleeji (Gulf) cuisine. Logma serves chebab (Emirati pancakes) and khameer for breakfast (flatbread with date syrup and cheese). Chicken biryani and lamb machbous are two other popular dishes.

Logma restaurant outlets can be found at popular places around Dubai, with Logma at The Dubai Mall providing views of the Dubai Fountain to accompany your meal. Boxpark outdoor mall and City Center mall in Mirdif are two other Logma venues.

  1. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding 

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding presents a delightful series of meals that teach tourists about Emirati culture through food and dining experiences on a regular basis. The facility, located in Al Fahadi, one of Dubai’s oldest neighborhoods, prepares an exquisite feast for diners to gather around and discuss the UAE’s history and traditions with the host.

Every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday at 9 a.m., cultural breakfasts are served, while brunches are held on Saturdays at 10.30 a.m. Every Sunday through Thursday at 1 p.m. The center serves lunch, and every Tuesday at 6.30 p.m., it serves supper. It is necessary to make a reservation in advance.

  1. Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea House is a voyage into Dubai’s history that could start at a small tea establishment in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, once known as Al Bastakiya. As you walk into the Arabian Tea House (although old-timers prefer to call it the Basta Art Café), you are transported back in time, with turquoise benches, white rattan chairs, lace curtains, and beautiful flowers, and you are enjoying your cup of gahwa (traditional Arabic coffee) in the shade of an old tree, and the languid air swoons around you, dreamlike, as if it were always afternoon.

  1. Soluna Restaurant & Lounge

At Soluna Bar & Lounge, you may sample the different cuisines of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean while receiving personalized services and exceptional care. We promise high-quality food and wonderful drinks, ranging from scrumptious street-style Greek dishes to traditional Arabic Mezzeh. Soluna Restaurant & Lounge promises outstanding quality food and drinks, ranging from tasty street-style Greek food to traditional Arabic Mezzeh and mixed grills.

This Arabic eatery may satisfy your seafood desires in an instant. The restaurant also serves delicious sheesha, allowing you to unwind with your companions. Whatever your mood is, Soluna has the perfect flavor to brighten up your week with a fresco atmosphere on the patio.

  1. Al Mallah Cafeteria

Al Mallah Cafeteria, which was established in 1979 as a humble juice shop, has evolved into a hotspot for Lebanese delicacies such as shawarmas, falafels, and mixed grills. It still serves a wonderful selection of juices as well as colorful mocktails such as the cherry-red Tahiti.

The original Al Mallah is located on a busy road in the Satwa neighborhood, making it a great spot for a fast takeaway or a big dinner while watching the hectic street scene. Al Mallah branches can also be located in other areas of Dubai, such as Al Seef and Deira.

  1. Shawafel

Shawafel delivers amazing Arabic street food that is quick and flavorful while maintaining the excitement and originality of a street-side café. Try our Shawarma sandwiches, which come with scrumptious chicken or lamb sandwiches, classic falafels, and the unique Shawafel cheese fries.

Taste the greatest shawarma in Dubai at Shawafel, a gourmet shawarma restaurant that serves fast and flavorful Arabic street cuisine. Authentic chicken or lamb shawarma, crunchy falafel, salads, and the distinctive Shawafel cheese fries are available.

  1. Maraheb Restaurant

Maraheb Restaurant in Dubai has a fan following for its mandi, a Yemeni meal of meat and rice with a spice blend customarily cooked in an underground pit. There are other meat options, but lamb mandi is the most popular. At Maraheb, customers can also choose a variety of breakfast items, salads, drinks, and desserts such as kunafeh with cheese and cream.

Since Maraheb’s location in Al Safa is frequently packed, it’s essential to book ahead of time if you’re planning a family or party gathering. More Maraheb Restaurant locations can be located in the UAE.

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