80s Makeup: Top Trends to Channel The Decade


When we think of the 1980s, we picture big shoulder pads, leg warmers, and blowouts. We may also think of makeup trends that are no longer in style. But regardless of how you feel about makeup from the ‘80s, one thing is for sure: those were some wild times for fashion. And for makeup enthusiasts, that means there was a lot of great stuff to be had. In this article, we’re going to take a look at 80s makeup trends and see what they might look like coming back into style. From neon eyes to matte lips, make sure to check out our list and see which ones you might want to try out next time you hit the mirror.

80s Makeup Inspiration

The decade of the 2000s ushered in a new era for makeup, with more natural-looking options becoming popular. Here are some top trends to channel this decade:

1. Mineral makeup: This type of makeup is made with natural ingredients like minerals, which give you a flawless finish.

2. Smokey eyes: This look features dark shadows on the eyelids and around the eyes, giving them a smoky look.

3. Glossy lips: Lips are often given a glossy finish to make them appear fuller and more attractive.

4. Soft contouring: This technique helps to define your cheekbones and jawline by highlighting and sculpting areas using light strokes.

5. Bright colors: This decade saw a return to brighter colors, especially on lips and cheeks.


For the decade of the 2000s, light blue eyeshadow was seen as the new hotness on the beauty scene. With its cool and refreshing tone, this color can be used to create a variety of different looks. For an all-day look, apply a lighter shade along the eyelid and blend outwards with your fingertips. Try pairing light blue with purples or pinks for an elevated look that stands out from the crowd.

To create a more dramatic eye look, invest in a brighter blue color and pair it with black or dark brown shadows to create depth and dimension. For a more natural look, try using baby blues or teals for a soft and feminine look that is perfect for day or evening wear. Whatever your desired makeup look is this decade, chances are you can achieve it with shades of light blue.


In the decade of the 2000s, there was a shift towards natural beauty and away from heavy makeup. Lash-to-lid eyeshadow became a popular trend to embody this style, as it is less intrusive and gives you more of a natural look. Here are some of the top trends to channel the decade:

1. Brown eyeliners: Brown is the perfect color for a natural look, and it can be paired with any eye shade to create an interesting look.

2. Soft, fluffy brushes: Instead of using stiff brushes that will leave your eyes looking harsh, use soft, fluffy brushes to achieve a more subtle effect.

3. Neutral shades: Neutral shades will give you just enough color to make your eyes look vibrant but not too overbearing. Try combinations such as light browns with poppy reds or blues for a more sophisticated look.

4. Glitter: If you’re looking for something extra special in your eyeshadow, try glitter! It adds an element of fun and glamour that can really take your look up a notch.

5. Smokey eyes: If you want to go all out with your makeup this year, try smoky eyes! This dramatic style requires deep black shadow on the lower lash line and outer V-shape corner of each eye and hints of light brown or gray in between the lashes for depth and dimension.


There’s nothing like a bold brow to amp up your look and make you appear more confident. So whether you’re striving for a 1970s vibe or just want to add some extra character to your face, these are the top trends to channel the decade:

– Use pencil to create natural-looking brows that are full and bushy.
– Get help from a professional makeup artist to achieve the perfect look – they know how to create precise strokes and will help fill in any gaps.
– Eyebrow pencils come in many different shades, so experiment until you find one that perfectly matches your skin tone.
– Define your brows using powder or wax, then finish them off with a brush.
– To get that 1970s feel, use fluorescent powders or a bright highlighting gel.
– For an edgier look, go for darker browns and taupes that will contrast against your light eyes.



There’s something about a good drapery that screams elegance and class. When it comes to makeup, there are plenty of trends that can be channeled by adopting the same style. From sheer fabrics to statement prints, here are the top trends to watch out for in 2019:

2. Sheer fabrics: A sheer fabric is an essential piece for any formal outfit, and draperies are no exception. Whether you’re opting for a light gauze or a delicate lace design, make sure your choice is both comfortable and stylish.
3. Statement prints: If classic elegance is your thing, then go for statement prints – like geometric patterns or bold stripes – on your curtains and walls alike. They’ll add just the right amount of pizzazz to any room, and they’re also easy to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.
4. Soft light: To achieve that perfect balance of elegant sophistication and understated glamour, try softening up your lighting by adding some delicate chandeliers or sconces to your room décor. They’ll give off just the right amount of light without overpowering your look or taking away from the sophistication of your ensemble


1. Metallic lipsticks are having a moment and you should definitely jump on the bandwagon! These lippies are versatile, long-wearing, and seriously pretty–choose one for every day of the week!

2. If you’re new to metallic lipsticks, we recommend starting with a basic shade like pink or peach. Once you get the hang of it, you can branch out into more interesting options like bright reds, electric greens, and even gold!

3. To create the perfect metallic look, apply your lipstick as usual but instead of blending it inwards, drag it lightly across your top lip only. The gold will show up in all its glory this way!

4. Finally, don’t forget to top off your look with a pair of complementary eyeshadows and lashes to finish the look off perfectly!

Famous 80’s Makeup Icons:

In the 80s, makeup was all about big eyes and glossy lips. If you wanted to look like a Hollywood star, you needed to step up your game with some of the most iconic makeup looks of the era. Here are 10 of the best 80s makeup trends that you can channel today:

1. Shiny eye shadow: This is one trend that persists to this day! Shiny, metallic eye shadow was all the rage in the 80s and looked amazing on everyone from actors to pop stars. You can still achieve this look by using a light layer of shimmery eyeshadow across your lids and blending it outwards.

2. Bold lip color: Lipstick was definitely in style in the 80s, and there were no rules as to what kind of color you could wear on your lips. From bright reds to violets, there was something for everyone when it came to lip color. You can still achieve this look by applying a bold shade directly onto your lips with a brush or applicator, or by using a lipstick as a base and then adding more pigment layers over top.

3. Highlighter: Another trend that’s stood the test of time is highlighter! Not only did highlighters give people an instantly luminous complexion, they were also perfect for enhancing cheekbones and giving eyes a healthy glow. To get this effect, apply a light layer of highlighter across your cheekbones and blend out


The 1980s were a time of big hair and huge shoulder pads. The decade saw the rise in popularity of heavy metal and new wave music, as well as brightly-colored clothing, eye shadow, and lipstick. If you’re looking to channel your inner ’80s girl or just want to look like you stepped out of an advertising campaign from that era, here are some top trends to consider: 1. Eye Shadow in Bright Colors: Whether it’s neon greens or hot pinks, adding a pop of color to your eyes is a great way to inject some life into your look. 2. Heavy Metal Hair styling: With bright reds, oranges, and purples dominating the hairstyle landscape at this time period, spiky hair was definitely in fashion! 3. Bold Lipstick Shades: From coral hues to shocking pink (or even full on red), there was something for everyone when it came to lipstick shades during the ’80s.

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