A Sourcing Manual for Bulk Polo Shirts


Uniforms, corporate brand wear, giveaways at fundraisers and family gatherings, and more can all benefit from the use of polo shirts. They are an essential and flexible part of any wardrobe.

The polo shirt has become an integral part of uniforms and other forms of casual office dress. In light of this, many companies buy polo shirts in bulk and have their logos screen-printed onto them to distribute to their employees.

The variety of products available can make it hard to settle on a single option because of the many possible variations in brand, material, color, and design. It’s not difficult to get the ideal wholesale polo shirt for your requirements. The perfect polo shirt, brand, and wholesaler for your group’s needs and budget can be easily found online.

Which Is Better: Embroidery Or No Embroidery?

Make sure you know if you want to embroider your polo shirts before picking on the fabric. Embroidery is perfect for subtly advertising a business or personalizing a polo shirt for a social gathering, a charity event, or a family reunion.

If you want your shirts embroidered, pick a sturdy fabric that won’t fall apart under the needle. If you’re considering getting your polo shirts embroidered, consider using a blended polyester, performance, or cotton fabric.

Do Your Homework

There are many different fabrics that can be used to make polo shirts. What kind of fabric is best depends on the intended use of the shirts by the client or end-user. Consider your financial limitations as well. Because cheap polo shirts wholesale also make a great cut. 

You should probably go to a fabric store or other retailer in person if you don’t know much about fabrics and aren’t sure how the fabric feels since this will help you narrow down your options for polo shirt materials. Make sure you understand precisely what you’re getting by reading the wholesalers’ product descriptions.

Be Familiar With The Types Of Knit

It’s important to think about the type of knitting that will look and feel the best on you, in addition to the type of material that will work best. Knit polo shirts come in two primary varieties.

Pique knit is the traditional knit for a polo shirt. It’s a breathable and stretchy waffle knit that spans all three dimensions.

Jersey knit has the familiar feel of an old favorite tee. In terms of texture, it is silky and gentle.

Pick A Size and Color

When purchasing polo shirts in quantity, you can choose from any color you like. Think about the people who will be wearing the shirts and why you’re ordering them. Other considerations to make while selecting a color are provided below.

  • Do you have to stick to a certain color scheme when representing the company?
  • Is there a certain color scheme for the event?
  • How often will the shirts be in the sun exposure?
  • A darker hue won’t reveal as many stains if the shirts are for wait staff.
  • Choose a color for the shirts that will look good with the design you intend to embroider or screen print on them.
  • A large selection of sizes available at most wholesalers means they can fit a wide range of customers. Verify that your order covers all of the sizes required by the people you’re buying for.

Learn The Lingo

If you’re new to wholesale clothing purchases, it’s crucial that you learn the lingo used to assess the quality of shirts, wholesalers, and brands. As you just can’t search the term “cheap polo shirts in wholesale,” click the first link, place an order and call it a day. 

Something you didn’t want could end up in your hands if you don’t know the difference between argyle and angora or what it signifies when the fabric is coated. You might waste time and money on this.

Select A Brand

You’ve decided on a material and a knit, and you’re familiar with the terminology; the next step is to choose a brand. Polo shirts from Gildan, Anvil, Jerzees, and Camden Creek are just some of the many wholesale options out there.

Think about the fabric and knit style you prefer before deciding on a particular brand. When comparing the same sort of material among brands, you will find wide price and quality discrepancies.

What To Look For In A Wholesaler

Your next step, after deciding on the fabric, knit, color, size, and brand you choose, is to decide on a wholesaler. Selecting a wholesaler requires some careful consideration.

You may choose to bypass middlemen and go straight to the source (the brand you choose). Keep in mind that most manufacturers have a minimum order quantity for bulk pricing on t-shirts. Getting a fair price per shirt may necessitate purchasing considerably more shirts than you actually need.

You should inquire as to whether or not the distributor has a large inventory on hand or forwards your order immediately to the manufacturer. It’s more likely for mistakes to happen with your order if they don’t have a physical warehouse with stock that they will pull it from. Only deal with suppliers who actually have stock on hand.

Check out potential wholesalers thoroughly to ensure you’re dealing with a reliable business.


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