Methods, Causes of Abortion Pills Available in Dubai


As atheist, I see the fetus to some extent as a few cells that can’t claim sacred protection. A person gradually develops from these cells and at some point, this development has progressed so far that a meaningful differentiation from a person who has already born no longer possible. However, as long as brain functions or the like have not even set in or present to a very small extent, I have no moral objections to abortion for any reason whatsoever. In many countries, Where taking pills and medicine illegal. Abortion pills and medicine used for the demolition of sperm by unmarried women. Most women who live in UAE, Gulf prefer to buy abortion pills and medicine in Dubai. Because abortion pills available in Dubai.

Development of Fetus

Of course, one can go beyond the point at which the fetus so far developed that abortion becomes killing. However, I don’t think the current timetable wrong at all. It gives the mother enough time to make a decision and thus contains a compromise between protecting people and the interest of having abortion.

In my opinion, the mother and father have a legitimate interest in legal abortion. Perhaps abortion advocates should also expand their arsenal by not only focusing on the “women’s right to self-determination”, but also on the fact that abortion rights also benefit men considerably. After all, women’s abortion rights also save men a lot if they don’t want children at the moment or with this woman.

Favor of Abortion Pills

For example, I am in favor of abortion right for entirely self-serving reasons, because I don’t want a contraceptive failure to leave me with no choice but to have a child, which would severely limit me. That alone would a strong reason for me to campaign for abortion rights and pills/ medicine.

In my opinion, however, it no different than placing the right to ultimately decide on abortion in the hands of the woman. In the event that she doesn’t want to have abortion, I think that’s a generally shared opinion: abortion against her will would a barbaric act.

The question would probably whether you could ask her to carry the child. I mean that you really can’t do that within the time limit because pregnancy too much of intervention.

Reasons of Abortion

There can many reasons that lead to abortion by the use of abortion pills available in Dubai. It used to very important to bring many children into the world, as this was the parents’ old-age insurance. Nowadays, when medicine in the area of ​​pregnancy very advanced (e.g. prenatal diagnostics), abortions often occur, for example, if the child shows a deformity. For many women, however, pregnancy comes unintentionally or they do not feel ready for a child because it simply the wrong time for them. In recent years, it has become apparent in Germany that more and more adolescents and young women having abortions, which makes it clear that age also plays a very important impact in the decision to take abortion pills. Often a lack of money also a reason or events in the pregnant woman’s life that lead to depression or anxiety (e.g. leaving the father). In rare cases, a crime can lead to pregnancy. In such a case, it a double burden for the pregnant woman.


The following abortion methods used in medicine these days.

• Suction method (also vacuum aspiration)
• Curettage/scraping
• Prostaglandin method
• Mifegyne/RU 486
• Saline solution
• Cesarean section

Suction method

The suction method, which also called vacuum aspiration or suction curettage, the most common in Germany method of abortion used. Because this successful from the 6th to the 12th week of pregnancy (pregnancy week).
The cervix dilated with metal rods and the doctor inserts a cannula into the uterus. The embryo torn into pieces by the strong suction of this cannula and sucked out. The procedure takes about ten to twenty minutes.

The curettage

In this method, the cervix ​​dilated and the doctor cuts the embryo into pieces, then uses the curette (blunt scraper) to scrape the inside walls of the uterus. The body parts of the aborted embryo must checked for completeness in order to avoid later infection or bleeding.

The prostaglandin method The

Termination triggered by the drug prostaglandin. This triggers labor pains after it has injected into the uterine muscles or applied as a gel. After that, the procedure of a normal birth follows, except that the embryo left to die after leaving the uterus.

Mifegyne/RU 486

The abortion pill RU 486 characterized by the fact that it contains mifepristone. This substance similar to progesterone (the hormone that changes the lining of the womb for implantation) but with the opposite effect. The function of the uterus and umbilical cord thus suspended. The embryo therefore no longer cared for. It can take up to two days for death to occur. The hormone prostaglandin given to induce stillbirth. Mifegyne has available in Germany since November 1999 and used up to the 6th week of pregnancy.

The saline solution

In this method, a saline solution injected into the uterus. The embryo drinks this in turn with the amniotic fluid and burns internally. This method can take several hours and depend on the child’s age, the mother will feel the embryo kicking around. The saline method mainly used for late abortions.

The cesarean section

This method like the normal cesarean section. The only difference that after the umbilical cord has cut, the child is not given medical attention. This means that mucus not sucked out, nor the child ventilated or intensively treated. It awaited until the child’s organism stops functioning. One can therefore already speak of a child here since the cesarean section permitted for late abortions until shortly before birth, but the children would certainly able to survive.

Can the embryo feel pain?

Since 100,000 new nerve cells are formed every minute from the 6th week of pregnancy, it quite conceivable that the embryo also feels pain with the early abortion methods. Thus, nerve endings that are characteristic of pain-conducting fibers can be detected in the hands. It has also been observed that embryo shrinks from the inserted tube and the pulse jumps to 200.

Possible Consequences of Abortion


  • Severe internal bleeding
  • Miscarriages occur later due to inflammation of the uterus
  • Both fallopian tubes can be blocked – therefore no fertility


  • Psychoses
  • A kind of delusion of persecution appears (other children recognize their own)
  • Nightmares and feelings of anxiety appear
  • Guilt, depression, self-hatred and in the worst case, suicidal thoughts
  • Insomnia
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