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Best Bamboo pillowcase Introduction!


Are you looking for an exciting alternative to your normal Pillowcase? Then a bamboo pillowcase will surely be just right for you. After all, bamboo also has its properties, from which, depending on the manufacturer, best bamboo comforters pillowcases can be made. So that you get a good overview of the bamboo pillowcase, we first want to bring you closer to the properties, and then we will show you some popular models.

What is a bamboo pillowcase?

First, we would like to clarify the question of what a bamboo pillowcase is. Here the question is almost explained by the actual name. Because these pillowcases are obtained from fast-growing bamboo, this bamboo has some great properties, which we want to discuss with you in the next few paragraphs.

Features of the bamboo pillowcase

  • The first and important point is that bamboo is usually hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Thus, such a pillowcase is good for people with eczema and sensitive Skin.
  • The next great point we want to address is that bamboo is a fast-growing plant. The bamboo can regenerate itself from its roots. Furthermore, no pesticides and very little water are usually required for growing. Thus, a bamboo pillowcase is also good for nature.
  • Another great point with the bamboo pillowcase is that the Pillowcase is usually breathable and moisture-absorbing. This regulates the body temperature during sleep, which promises a good night’s sleep. However, you should pay attention to the different models from the respective manufacturer since the bamboo pillowcase can have quite different.

Now that we have looked at some great points on bamboo pillowcases let’s go straight to the popular models. So that you can find a good night’s sleep, we have picked out some great bamboo pillowcases. So, you have everything quickly and easily at a glance.

Bamboo pillowcase: Our recommendation

In all cases, there is always a Product at the top, and that’s exactly what we have selected for you here. In most cases, this product will fit well, so why not also for you? And we will be sure that you do the same and have fun with this product will have; how we do research:

  • INCREDIBLY SOFT: The luxurious bamboo pillowcase is silky soft and ensures restful sleep. The high-quality soft bedding is perfect as luxury hotel bedding.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Since the Pillowcase is allergy friendly, it protects sensitive Skin all night. Unlike cotton, bamboo fibers are the perfect material for anti-mite bed linen, as it is breathable. In addition, the Pillowcase is antibacterial.

The popular selection: Bamboo pillowcase 2022

Bamboo pillowcase 2022: Below is a great list of current popular products. Like many others, you will surely be very satisfied with these products. Because, in practice, the bestsellers are usually absolute top products. We try to keep the list of bestsellers as up-to-date as possible, that is why we update the list every day if possible:

  • INCREDIBLY SOFT: The luxurious bamboo pillowcase is silky soft and ensures restful sleep. The high-quality soft bedding is perfect as luxury hotel bedding.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Since the Pillowcase is allergy friendly, it protects sensitive Skin all night. Unlike cotton, bamboo fibers are the perfect material for anti-mite bed linen, as it is breathable. In addition, the Pillowcase is antibacterial.
  • LIKE SILK, VEGAN ONLY: Bamboo bed linen is often compared to silk, as the material offers the same beneficial properties for Skin and hair: no curly hair and soft, hydrated Skin.
  • COOLING PROPERTIES: Looking for a cool pillowcase? The best bamboo pillowcases is breathable and ensures restful sleep every season due to temperature-regulating properties. Enjoy summer and winter bed linen in one!
  • HIGH QUALITY: The pillowcases in anthracite are part of the bamboo bed linen offer. Combine the Pillowcase 50×75 set together with other parts of Bambaw bed linen and benefit from our discount.
  • PREMIUM LYOCELL BAMBOO FIBER – Derived from natural bamboo, our Lyocell bamboo pillowcase is more environmentally friendly than other fabrics on the market. Due to the unique woven technique that we have used, the lyocell fiber is long and thin, so the fabric is incredibly shiny robust and durable, and silky soft, like mulberry silk. With proper care, the pillowcases are durable and can last long.
  • UNIQUE THERMAL CONTROL TECHNOLOGY – Fattier Bamboo Viscose Pillowcases allow the air to circulate freely through the Pillowcase all night long, even in hot weather. Bamboo viscose pillowcase also has many natural benefits for better healthy sleep. It gives an extremely soft and smooth feeling; thus, you do not feel sweaty or clammy.
  • BREATHABLE AND MOISTURE-REPELLENT – Fittia Bamboo Pillowcases Have Superior Health Benefits by dissipating moisture and oils naturally. Due to an extraordinary bamboo structure, they are wrinkled, stains- and light-resistant, antifungal and antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and resistant to dust mites. Thus, it is less susceptible to odor and mold than normal cotton.
  • CONCEALED ZIPPER DESIGN – The concealed zipper and high-quality Lyocell bamboo fiber make it suitable for almost everyone.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Machine washable in cold water; wash with similar colors. If necessary, use only chlorine-free bleach. Dry at low temperature in the dryer and cold iron if necessary.
  • 100% WATERPROOF – total protection against sweat, Saliva, Liquids, and stains; Lifetime quality guarantee, perfect for pillows with duck feathers and other expenses. Ensures absolute comfort while you sleep and preserves your pillows.
  • PROTECTION AGAINST BED BUGS – Super fine zipper lets your pillow completely seal from bedbugs. You can be sure that your pillow will always be free of bedbugs. Hypoallergenic Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-allergenic; ideal for down feather pillows and blocking dust.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC – Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-allergenic, ideal for down feather pillows, and blocks dust mites, Allergens, Bacteria, Mold, and mold. Ideal for people with children, Pets, Allergies, Asthma, or eczema. It is also certified by Oeko-Tex Standard.
  • SOFT AND ALMOST SILENT – 100% Bamboo jersey surface is very soft and supple, preventing almost all crinkle noise. It slides easily over your pillows and wicks away moisture. Uniquely designed corners allow air to escape from the protective cover. This makes the entire cover even more breathable.
  • STANDARD SIZE – (40 x 80 cm), after first washing zipper pillow case covers, 2-is Set, machine washable. Great for expensive and luxury pillows. Since bamboo fiber comes from natural sources, it can shrink easily after the first Wash, but it will still fit all standard-size pillows.
  • [Cooling material] One side of this cooling Pillowcase is made of Arc-Chill cooling fibers with Q-Max>0,5, which is far better than the ordinary cooling fibers with Q-Max 0,2. It causes the somatosensory temperature to drop by 2°C immediately when your Skin touches it. This cooling Pillowcase is also quite breathable to keep you cool, especially on a summer day.
  • [Double-sided design] CAROMIO Arc-Chill cooling cushion covers have adopted the double-sided design. A page uses Q-Max>0.5 Arc-Chill Cooling Fibers, a great choice for summer nights. The other side is bamboo-cotton blended fabric, suitable for all seasons.
  • [Hidden zipper design] The hidden zipper of this pillowcase design not only makes the Pillowcase look beautiful and safe but can also avoid, that you are sometimes accidentally injuring your face, offers you a simple and pleasant user experience, and the unique design can also be maintained the Pillowcase is very easy to remove.
  • [Skin- and hair care] To ensure the best experience, CAROMIO has used carefully selected materials. The silky soft, cooling Pillowcase provides a smooth surface for the face and hair, less friction, fewer wrinkles, less hair breakage, and hair loss.
  • [Easy to clean] Good care methods can extend the life of the Pillowcase and provide you with long-term care. Therefore, please use water below 30°C and gentle machine washing; Do not dry at high temperatures; When ironing is required, use a low temperature.
  • 【Standard size】 Pack with 2 Pillowcases (50 x 75 cm) (a notice: no deposit included)
  • 【100 % Bamboo viscosity】 Our pillowcases are exceptionally soft and smooth, as they preserve the unique properties of bamboo. The fabric is more breathable and comfortable than cotton fabric.
  • 【Silky and breathable fabric Our bamboo viscosity pillowcase can regulate body temperature to make you feel warm in the cold and cool in the heat; especially suitable for people with night sweats. The Pillowcase provides a smooth surface for your face and hair to keep your head dry and cool throughout the night.
  • 【Design and Details The design of the envelope closure makes it more convenient for you to insert or remove the pillows. These soft pillowcases can cover the pillows, protect them from dirt, and decorate your bedroom. There are several colors to choose from, so you can find what you want.
  • 【Easy to clean】 Wash below 40°C; do not bleach; Iron over low heat if necessary; Wash with similar colors; Wash dark colors separately.
  • Pillowcase of 100 % Bamboo fiber knitted fabrics, very versatile thanks to the antibacterial properties of its fabric.
  • The cover is waterproof and breathable thanks to its Smart Seal membrane on the underside. It leaves no liquids, but air passes through.
  • It has a zipper on the sides for a perfect fit to the pillow and a good closure.
  • The Pillowcase is easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.
  • The pillow is made of natural materials and is suitable for everyday use.
  • This product has been manufactured without harmful substances; what is provided by the Oeko-Tex certificate is guaranteed.
  • Top Material – Our pillowcases are made of 45 % Bamboo fiber and 55 % Polyester, breathable and soft. Bamboo fiber is also skin-friendly and hygroscopic; its temperature adjustability will bring you coolness and comfort all night long.
  • Cooling properties – Are you looking for a cooling pillow? The bamboo cushion cover is breathable and ensures restful sleep during the year due to its temperature-regulating properties. In summer, bamboo fabric is particularly cool and regulates sweat quickly. In winter, it stores the body’s heat and keeps you warm.
  • Hair & Protect the Skin – Thanks to the densely woven cooling fiber, the Pillowcase is superficially fine, colorfast, and allergy-friendly. This soft, smooth texture prevents the hair becomes frizzy at night and knots. The fine Pillowcase protects your hair like the hair mask, significantly reducing the scalp hair. Every morning you will wake up under the sun, caress your silky hair, and drive off in a good mood!
  • Breathable and moisture-repellent – 2 Pieces of bamboo pillowcases with natural moisture absorption and deodorizing properties. The bamboo pillowcase has incomparable breathability, and the air circulates all night in the Pillowcase., stains- and light-resistant.
  • Hidden zipper & Easy-care – The Pillowcase has a zipper, and the cushion core does not fall off easily. The pillowcase set is machine washable, which saves you more time and effort.
  • 【Organic Blend Material Our pillowcase is made of high-quality material of 55 % Polyester and 45 % viscose (made of bamboo). It is even softer and cooler than cotton, bringing you more comfort and a healthy sleep experience. It is no worse than 100% Bamboo pillowcases but more durable and wrinkle-free.
  • Cool and breathable: The bamboo pillowcases are woven to maximize breathability. The fiber is thermoregulating, which balances your body heat while sleeping, which makes your pillow breathable and cooling. There are tiny gaps in the fabric that quickly evaporate sweat; they are the perfect pillowcases to hit night sweats.
  • 【Zipper Design A zipper on a bamboo pillowcase makes it easier to insert or remove the pillow and prevents that dust and dirt from getting into your beloved pillow. Don’t worry about that; the pillow slips out and provides comfort for a good night’s sleep.
  • 【Perfect Gift】Feather-soft texture prevents and irritates your sensitive Skin and hair. It’s like sleeping on clouds. The style is neutral and minimalist, so the perfect gift is for friends or family.
  • 【Easy to Care The bamboo pillowcases is soft and strong, ideal for year-round use. Simply wash in the machine in cold water on a delicate cycle, do not bleach. Our Pillowcase gets softer with every Wash.
  • THE END 100% BAMBOO LYOCELL – 1x Pillowcase with concealed zipper made of innovative and sustainable material, produced in a closed loop system and without chemicals.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL & HYPOALLERGENIC – Especially suitable for house dust allergy sufferers and pet owners.
  • BREATHABLE & THERMOREGULATORY – Suitable for every type of sleep and every season.
  • MOISTURE ABSORBING & ODOUR-INHIBITING – Pulls moisture away from the body and allows it to evaporate 3x faster than cotton. The high moisture exchange also ensures that you sweat less in bed.
  • SILKY-SOFT & ANTI-STATIC – Like “vegan silk,” only much softer and particularly gentle, especially for sensitive Skin, and extra gentle for the hair.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The high-quality bamboo material is like a combination of silk and cotton, but 100%, Of course. It lets you fall into a deep sleep as if you were in a quiet forest.
  • ANTI-ALLERGY: This anti-allergy Pillowcase protects sensitive Skin all night long. It is more breathable than cotton, so mites cannot establish themselves. And not much dirt is released into the air, so you can breathe easier.
  • SMOOTH: Bamboo fibers are often compared to silk because they are also very smooth. It protects your Skin and hair from friction.
  • COOL: Whether in the heat of summer or in the cold of winter, we need a breathable pillowcase so that we don’t sleep badly because sweat sticks to our Skin and Pillowcase during sleep.
  • GUARANTEE: Our professional team is always ready to solve any problem that you have. We also offer you a price guarantee and a quality guarantee.

Stiftung Ware test: Bamboo Pillowcase Test

Not every product holds what it promises. For these cases, the Stiftung Ware test with an (if available) Bamboo Pillowcase Test. If you are interested in a detailed bamboo pillowcase test and Stiftung Ware test has already written about it, you can find it here. It may be that Stiftung Ware test has not yet carried out a bamboo pillowcase test or lists the product under a different name. We hope our site has already helped you with the purchase decision and wish you a lot of fun with the product.

Nevertheless, to find the best possible product, you should not miss a source of information; why we want to refer to a bamboo pillowcase test by Stiftung Ware test at this point. Because only if you are satisfied with a product will that also be the case. After all, we also want to show that good products are still available on the market and that they improve more and more over time.

We want to emphasize, once again, that no bamboo pillowcase test has been carried out unless we expressly emphasize this. If we have carried out a test, you can easily recognize this in our Basenau24 seal or in our text, which will be found on the site. Our team put the product through its paces according to our given factors.

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