What’s the cost for the BMW maintenance in Dubai 2023?


Even now it is still a great choice. BMW maintenance is an ideal choice for those looking to indulge in a luxurious way. Before making any purchase, it is important to think about the cost of maintenance for the BMW M3 E92. In the second-hand market an excellent model can be purchased at around EUR40, 000. For that amount you get the most stunning M3 that bridges the gap between the contemporary and flexibility of the latest models as well as the essence of the old ones. So let’s find out in this article how much the cost of the BMW maintenance.

This article examines the M3 E9X generation, which means that what is applicable for the M3 E92 can also be applied for the M3 E93 and E90.



As evident by its stable or rising coastline As evidenced by its steady or rising coast, the BMW M3 E92 is a desired vehicle. Cars that are in good condition are getting scarce as the demand for this new naturally aspirated V8 is increasing. Additionally the mechanics of this vehicle are becoming handled by professionals and is a solid model. Therefore, financially, the M3 E92 is a good investment (if we do not pay attention to the amount of fuel it consumes).

However this model comes with all of the modern-day features that are useful. It includes GPS, head-up displays as well as parking assistance and convenience options… It is in fact more heavy and unbalanced than M3 E46. However it’s safer and more powerful. It is also more contemporary and has a harsher sounds. In this respect the V8 S65 that is equipped with the M3 E92 the E90, E93 and E92 are the only and the first V8 to have an M3 in it, which makes this model unique.


Generally, naturally aspirated M engines need to be maintained properly. A careful use and regular, thorough maintenance are the keys to maintaining the condition that you’re motor. But when you consider BMW maintenance, it’s even more so.

Generally, naturally aspirated M engines require regular maintenance. Regular and thorough maintenance are the keys to maintaining the condition for your vehicle. However, with this model, the BMW MS, it’s even more important.

The cost of labor at BMW:

The labor force is the reason for price variations between different dealerships. For BMW the price difference could be massive.

For instance such as a concession to Bourg-embrace for example, will cost around 115 EUR. In France’s Paris region, for instance, in Boulogne, prices are in the vicinity of EUR200. This is still higher than an Ivry-sur-Seine Porsche dealership that is located in a more prominent segment.

Cost of maintenance or overhaul for a BMW M3 E92 in the BMW dealer:

Here are the prices for regular engine maintenance services comprising the repair of the BMW M3 E92

The cost of discs and brake pads for BMW M3 E92 in BMW dealership:

For the brakes, specifically the rear and front discs and brake pads here are the costs to expect:

In other words, if you replace the brakes on all of your vehicles, for instance it could cost you 2250 to 2650EUR. It’s a huge cost. However, we don’t replace the entire set of brakes each week. The complete brake kit usually happens every 50,000km when driving in a mix.

Cost of repairs and preventive M3 E92 repairs in BMW dealer:

While the mechanicals of a BMW M are robust, certain components and functions are delicate. Therefore, it is possible for mishaps to occur in the event that the car was mistreated, poorly repaired, or not properly maintained.

The article is focused on the most frequent and serious issues are covered. A common engine problem For instance, on the S65 engine, is related to the bearings on the connecting rod. These could cause severe damage to the engine if not replaced at the right time. If you’re interested in knowing more about this process take a look at this article, bmw service center:

Another service that is commonly requested can be a repair of the clutch system. The cost of labor is the most important factor in the invoice. This is the main reason for the price differences between dealers as well as between dealers and an independent expert.

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