Her situation very complicated. She found out she pregnant, and it wasn’t planned at all. Her partner, already in a precarious situation, and they do not agree at all on what to do. keep this baby or decide on an abortion by using abortion pills. It’s never an easy decision. The young woman needs your help and your advice to able to move forward.


She is not to write like that, nor testify on blogs, but today She needs comfort. She read this blog while doing research on the Internet about abortion Pills. And some of your testimonies made me feel good, so I decided to write to you, to free myself. Although, buy abortion pills in Dubai is not a good idea while having a pregnancy. And also without the permission of your partner.

I have in a relationship with the father of our daughter, who is 3 and a half, for 6 years now. This summer, I realize that my period is late. I wait a bit and I do a pregnancy test: positive. It’s an unwanted pregnancy, or at least not right away. So I’m torn. Happy to become pregnant and to carry this little one. “surprised” and sad because it was not planned at all, and it’s going to complicate. After careful consideration, I attach myself to this little baby, and I project myself.


I knew he would affected by this news: it was so unexpected! But I didn’t expect him to react so badly. He is really not ready and totally in negativity. He doesn’t see anything positive in this pregnancy. We’re going to have to move because we don’t have enough room to accommodate this new child. It’s already complicated because we in a T2 with a 3-year-old child. I don’t have a driver’s license or a permanent contract. (I live off the RSA and do small jobs from time to time), it’s going to very complicated financially. Fortunately, he has a permanent contract, but I am in a very precarious situation.

I know he sees the rational side of the situation. Which is far from ideal for welcoming a baby in good conditions, but I want to keep this baby.


Because he doesn’t want this child. But I’m starting get attached to this baby. I feel guilty, I don’t want to have an abortion. I want to keep this baby no matter what. I cry every day thinking about how I could lose him. I feel hatred towards my spouse because I know that if I stop this pregnancy I will regret it. I want to scream at him that it’s my body, that he doesn’t have to force me to have an abortion.

I’m only 4 weeks pregnant, but I know deep down that having an abortion would bullshit. Even though it wasn’t a wanted pregnancy I love my baby, and I want to carry him and raise him.

consequences While Pregnancy

Arguments break out between me and my spouse. We don’t understand each other. We can’t agree. This baby does not belong to him. He does not know what pregnancy is. To bear a child, he does not understand that what I am going through. And what the abortion will have as consequences on my psychological state.

The situation is so tense between us that I’m even thinking of leaving my spouse to raise our children alone. Keeping my baby, without his consent. I can’t stand him not respecting my decision. I don’t know what to do, the situation is so tense. What do you recommend that I do? Have any women here ever found themselves in this situation?

And then miracle in December 2019 I learn on Christmas Eve that I am pregnant, I cry with joy, I don’t even believe that I had to do 4 tests to be sure. I gave birth to another baby boy who is now 2 years old. I did not want contraception for fear that the next one would take too long to come because it is also wanted.

But the good joke 5 months later I had just started accounting training. But I got pregnant again with another little boy who is 14 months old now So I decided to take the optimizette pill. And the installation of an IUD was planned. (DURING THIS PERIOD I HAD JUST STARTED ACCOUNTING TRAINING DESPITE HAVING A INFANT BABY. BEING PREGNANT, I RESUMED TRAINING WITH 2 BABIES I OBTAINED MY DIPLOMA WITH BRIO.

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