Top 10 Best Camping Sites in Dubai 


Camping sites in Dubai – If you are exploring or going to explore Dubai or live in Dubai, you should totally check out camping. Camping sites in Dubai offers you the chance to spend a night under the stars either alone or with someone special and it is a must-do activity to experience. 

Things to know before planning to camp in Dubai 

Before you start planning Camping sites in Dubai here is some important information that you should know before going forward: 

  • October to March is the best time for one to go camping. 
  • You should try to avoid time so that you can maximum utilize the privacy of camping 
  • If you are passionate about cars, then you should book a desert Safari before you go Desert Camping. 
  •  Carry a large trash bag with yourself 
  • You can also carry barbeque equipment with yourself if you are interested in experiencing barbeque on the open grounds of Dubai 

Top 10 Places to go camping in Dubai 

1. Fossil Rock, Sharjah 

Fossil Rock is in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Fossil Rock is one of the best places to 

camp in Dubai and the place where the best desert safaris are experienced. You can also 

explore other famous rocks and go dune-buggying and set up a camp here. The nighttime is 

absolutely beautiful, and the stars glam your eyes. This is a hotspot for Camping sites in Dubai.  

2. Al Dhafra Beach 

Al Dhafra Beach is located on the outskirts of Dubai, where desert and sand meet. Al Dhafra 

Beach is one of the best beaches in Dubai. If you love taking photos for your socials, get your 

camera ready because this place is beautiful. Al Dhafra Beach may sometimes be crowded, but 

It has a huge capacity, so you don’t have to worry. If you want to stay near Al Dhafra Beach, then 

Al Dhafra Beach Resort is recommended. 

3. Umm, Al Quwain Beach 

Located in Umm Al Quwain, at this beach, you can feel free to stay and camp anywhere here 

with very few restrictions. Camping sites in Dubai You can easily camp here and shouldn’t worry about food and 

necessities as there are plenty of hotels and cafes nearby. 

4. Al Hajar Mountains 

The Hajar Mountains are in Northeast Oman. Although it is not in Dubai, it is only a few 

hours of drive away from Dubai. Enjoy your time at the apex, as the Al Hajar Mountains are the 

tallest mountain in the Eastern Peninsula. If you want more than camping, you should try your 

hand at hiking and set camp at the apex of the mountain. 

5. Fujairah Beach 

Fujairah Beach is in the North of Fujairah City. It is a unique Beach in Gulf, as it is the 

only emirate capital city with a Beach. Offshore activities like scuba diving and snorkelling are 

also available here. Camping on this beach will be a delight. Camping sites in Dubai

6. Al Qudra Lakes 

Al Qudra Lakes is one of Dubai& most famous desert camping sites. You can spend your night 

under the stars here and enjoy a barbeque. It doesn’t matter if you are a romantic couple 

because Al Qudra has the Love Lake for you. The lake is very remote, so carry your food if 

available and bring enough water.   dubai camping sites

7. White Sands Beach 

This is Jumeriah public beach and the most well-maintained beach in the area. It is a 

white sand beach and is very beautiful according to reviews and people’s opinions. This may 

not be a perfect camping spot, but it is a must-visit for travelers as the cold breeze on a white 

sands beach will be a fantastic feeling. 

8. Acacia Forest 

Acacia Forest is a forest/park in Oman, and it is a different experience from your generic 

desserts and beaches. Acacia Forest gives you a remote view of life. If you are looking forward 

to spending some time in a place without sand and mountains, then Acacia Forest is a go-to. 

9. Liwa 

Liwa is known for its golden-red-sand Dunes and is a fascinating sight. Liwa offers you raw 

and exotic experience where it is just you and sand dunes all around you. Like other desert 

camping areas, you can also go dune buggying here as well. 

10. Banan Beach 

Banan Beach is in Ras Al Khaimah. This beach offers you 50+ tents to rent,5 Chalets, 

Water sports, Scuba Diving, etc. This beach is a hotspot for travelers, but you don’t have to 

worry about overcrowding as this place is enormous. Banan beach is filled with travelers and 

locals of the country as in the winter, the colorful beach huts and cold breeze really help in 

escaping the city hustle and rush. 

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