Taking Advantage of The Benefits Biophilia in Interior Design


Biophilia literally means “love of life”. According to this, biophilic design is a trend in architecture and interior design that is committed to reestablishing links with nature to achieve healthy environments. We offer best biophilia natural products for Civil Works Contractors.

Person’s Affinity And All The Living Things

As you may have guessed, the term “biophilia” refers to a person’s affinity for nature or the environment. As well as all the living things that make up those areas, along with the care. And concern that people have for those living things.

Definition BIOPHILIA

In a nutshell, we can define biophilia as the state of pleasure that we experience. When we are near the living organisms that are found in the natural world. Because there is an intrinsic relationship between man and nature. Said pleasurable condition is one that is typically associated with humans.

To illustrate this point, take, for instance, the uplifting feelings and emotions we experience when we are in a natural setting, surrounded by things like mountains, plants, rivers, and animals. The example here illustrates the point very well.

Designing An Interior with Features Taken from Nature

In this way, biophilia is acquiring more and more power in the design of interior spaces as well as in the architecture of outside areas. The trend of incorporating natural components into interior settings has been formed in order to take use of the positive stimuli of the environment.

This trend does not differentiate between the many types of uses of the space that may be made of the interior environment.

Biophilia As Well As the Art of Home Design

Biophilic design is an approach that promotes the use of organic forms in architecture with the goal of making spaces feel less constrained. Some examples of natural elements that can be incorporated into man-made environments include: plants, water, materials such as stone, wood, or others (without treatments), and so on.

This approach to design is focused on eliciting feelings in consumers by incorporating components that prioritize the physical closeness of man to aspects of natural environment.

Biophilic Landscape And Interior Design

Also with the “Biophilic Landscape”, on the entrance wall to the bedroom with bathroom ” Hölos”, designed by Interior Design. We find a large 3D mural, in the form of a large natural landscape, made to measure for the concept of this project. Which was changing and evolving, since succulent plants, preserved flowers, bonsai, dry and field elements lived in it… Some of which flourish and grow in the landscape, making it a living painting. A 100% sustainable work.

Elements of Biophilic Design

Elements of Biophilic Design that you can integrate into your home:

1. Vegetation

There are thousands of creative and beautiful ways to incorporate nature into your home.

You can have the plants in:

  • Flowerpot on the floor.
  • pendants.
  • Create a living wall.
  • A small orchard.
  • The dining room table.
  • The bathroom.
  • Window.
  • Even in your bedroom.

It is a myth that plants consume too much oxygen. You can rest surrounded by that wonderful energy that these excellent companions emanate.

biophilic design

Living Wall Of Succulents

The great thing about plants is their versatility, there are types of plants for all rooms in the house, with their different light intensities.

Tip: remember that there are plants that need sun and others that need shade. Do not forget this detail when selecting plants for your home.

2. Lighting

  • Who can deny that receiving a little sun is receiving a charge of energy?
  • Without a doubt, one of the most valuable elements in spaces is natural light.
  • Natural light becomes an essential element in the biophilic design proposal, due to the large number of benefits it entails for our health:
  • Helps reduce eye strain and irritability
  • Regulates the biological clock
  • Strengthens the immune system

The biophilic design

In our home, the best way to take advantage of natural light is to keep the windows clear, with light and flowing curtains.

3. Water

Water symbolizes life, harmonizes, and balances spaces.

Also, the sound of water is relaxing.

I recommend that you place a fountain as a nice decorative element.

4. Natural Elements

That evoke the presence of nature in spaces.

For example:

  • A flower prints.
  • Textile birds.
  • Images or pictures that represent the field.
  • biophilic design

5. Scents

The setting of the spaces is always about stimulating all the senses, for this reason stimulating the smell is conducive, you can support yourself with the use of aromas such as cypress, rose or eucalyptus will promote.

The harmony in the spaces is the result of the combination of different elements, plus the beauty is that the spaces are alive, so we can always modify, refresh, and change our environment.

Biophilic Elements In The Bathroom

Civil Works Contractors

Biophilic design standards can be applied very well in bathrooms, allowing us to create a relaxing and comfortable place in our own home. The best thing is to stimulate the five senses through natural light, natural materials, and plants.

Of all this, the area dedicated to the bathroom, the Hölos bedroom, counted.  A bathroom full of details, open to an interior patio, through which natural light entered, presided over by a curved bathtub, wooden floors, and shelves and, of course, large-format plants that, in this case, created a little private jungle.

More Details Available Here

It is important to keep in mind that the majority of our time is spent indoors (at the workplace, at home, in stores, etc.), which is why incorporating elements of nature into these settings is, to put it another way, soothing for the males in these settings.

Using components from nature to adorn one’s home

Strategies For Carrying It Out in Practice

The following is a list of some of the activities that are carried out in its implementation:

  • Natural components and materials are used in the decoration of interior spaces, such as natural or conserved vegetation (vertical gardens, ferns, potted plants, green walls…), incorporation of building materials, and natural finishes (stone, wood, others).
  • Establishing an indoor garden should be done if there is the potential (in terms of available space) to do so.
  • The usage of natural sunlight and ventilation should be maximized.
  • Incorporation of sources or components that include water, soil, and sand, amongst other things.
  • Architectural compositions that are organically formed.

The Advantages of Incorporating Biophilia into Interior Design

It has been established as a fact that establishing direct contact between man and nature has a positive effect on the state of mind.

Aspects such as

  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Positive Mood
  • Balanced Emotions
  • And A Sense of Well-Being
  • Amongst Others,

are some of the most several benefits of biophilia in interior spaces.


Therefore, incorporating elements of nature into our living spaces is soothing for those living there. Consequently, we should utilize BIOPHILIA for its relaxing and soothing properties

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