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The 12 competitive intelligence tools for market research


Competitive intelligence tools for market research – While considering the competition analysis or the competitive intelligence tools. The initial thing that strikes our mind is the greatest opponents out there. Considering the legendary rivalry between Apple vs. Samsung vs. Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, these are the firms. Regularly releasing and innovating the latest marketing materials to gain a better market share. However, it never becomes possible without the help of the massive competitive analysis team of experts from SEO Sydney services.

But, irrespective of the size of your company. It is better to have the most competitive intelligence process as your primary aspect. The best news is that you can start automating the competitive intelligence without much investment and effort. For example, you can start monitoring your competitors’ prices, explore the latest product releases and promotions. Hire staff, have social media accounts, and more.

Using the best competitive intelligence tools can aid you. In locating the best information about the marketing strategies used by your competitors. Revealing the primary secrets behind their successes across the shared market. Today, we have enlisted 12 such tools that will help you. Save time while identifying the data you might mainly miss out on.

  1. Visualping

It is the online service to help monitor the significant changes across the site. Where you will receive email alerts along with the screenshot of the page. You are tracking by highlighting any significant changes. You simply have to insert the URL of the page you wish to start monitoring. Select the area you are keen on, and let the system know the page you plan to track. The system inspects the targeted pages at your selected frequencies every five minutes, daily, weekly, or hourly.

  1. SimilarWeb

It is the tool that allows you to analyze the site’s traffic while comparing them with your competitors. The tool offers you a wide variety of better information. Across varied sources of traffic and emerging competitors to meet the proper engagement and location metrics.

The service includes the best features that allow you to select both sites, compare them to one another directly, compare the traffic against the competitors, and how it evolves. For example, whenever your competitors have increased traffic. You might wish to start looking at where this traffic is arriving from and whether it includes an expense. A general spike in traffic comes from better ranking across Google, marketing campaigns, and media mentions.

  1. Ahrefs Domain Authority Checker

Everything depends on your business where most of your traffic arrives out of Google. With search rankings hanging mainly on the general metric considered as the Domain Authority. The higher your score for the domain authority. The better your changes get for the site to start ranking higher on the search results. Conversely, if you are typing at the bottom of these searches while appearing on the second page. There are more chances you will start witnessing a drop in traffic.

Every company is planning to start maximizing the SEO scores. However, since Google is ranking on your site compared to your competitors. You should start monitoring the domain authority of your competitors to be alerted about the relative changes right at yours. Making Domain Authority the other primary variable involved in this tracking.

  1. Moat

Moat is considered the tool to help with digital marketing analytics. Allowing you to search the company’s banner ads, display dates, placement, etc. The tool is convenient as it will enable you to retain the tabs on the different kinds of creatives. And to message for the competition releases. Moat is an incredible tool to derive inspiration from your competitors about the creative direction that works best for your brand and what it would not while adjusting the strategies accordingly. The list of banner ads is updated continuously; therefore, whenever your competitors release the latest ads, they become available immediately on the Moat.

  1. Mention

Mention is used mainly as the competitive intelligence tool to help monitor whatever is being said about the good competitions while measuring your performance against them and determining their share of voice. You can avail yourself of every notification for the latest mentioning of the brands across social media, blogs, news, and forums. It will allow you to expand your brand awareness and engage with your audiences in the most meaningful way.

  1. SpyFu

Being concerned about the right keyword strategies for your competitors compels you to try the SpyFu, which informs you everything about whatever has worked and not based on the subjected sites over the past few decades. You all get the ranking of the keywords done organically with the Google Ads data related to your peers in just a couple of clicks. In the other way, you will include a few essential suggestions about the PPC keywords based on the profile of this site.

  1. Talkwalker

It is yet another tool that is built for acing this competitive intelligence for outsmarting the opposition. It is a tool that increasingly relies on social listening through videos, text, image analysis, and audio for unearthing hidden treasures. You can avail yourself of the real-time information that helps trace the online conversations for about five years, giving up on the insights to uplift the business growth. It offers you the edge to start tapping on the upcoming opportunities to provide the essential first benefit for the mover.

  1. Crayon

Crayon is everything about tracking every move of your competitor’s site, reviews of the employees, social media, SEC filings, and news. It even includes everything in the site’s design in the retaining tab and the copies to check out whatever is cooking. You even get a chance to compare yourself with your rivals to check out the entire image across 100 different points of data.

  1. Wappalyzer

It is the add-on being one of the exciting competitor analysis tools in this game since the way it starts operating. It runs as the Firefox add-on, and it does only a single thing, and it does well.

Wappalyzer is considered a cross-platform utility is revealing the technologies being used across different sites. It is added to your browser to help identify the various forms of software that operate across the distinctive site. Then, you can start clicking on your competitor’s site to avail yourself of the quick scan of whatever software they use.

  1. BuiltWith

Being generally described as competitive analysis and business intelligence tool, BuiltWith offers the profiles of the sites, sales, lead generation, and business intelligence with competitive analysis and eCommerce data. This tool will help you identify the leading market segments your brand is missing out on. Tracking the competitors is possible while building an entire list of prospects.

  1. SpyFu

SpyFu is the search analytics tool that shows users the right keywords that these sites use for purchasing on Google AdWords. You get to start identifying every keyword your competitors have purchased across each ad test they are operating. It even reveals the keywords used for a better ranking where you can trace them back to locating the backlinks and content bringing up to this ranking strategy.

  1. SimilarWeb

We will now speak about the SimilarWeb tool. The tool involved with competitive analysis helps you benchmark against your competition, monitor the industry, and reveal the competitor’s analytics with online strategies. It is the tool that helps you discover potential opportunities for better leads or partners. It helps you identify emerging trends while explaining the potential options to the leaders or the partners. And also emerging trends while explaining the consumer journey and intent. The tool collects the raw data, organizes and cleans it processing them, being learned across the algorithms by finalizing these statistics you might require and bringing them right at you.


Competitive intelligence tools Whenever it comes to staying ahead in this game, you need to keep a closer eye on this competition with SEO Sydney services. It is better to start learning from your competitors, who might appear intimidating. However, the proper competitor analysis tool is never a huge one.



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