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Many people are disturbed by hair loss, and its main courses are stress, emotional breakdown, and anxiety, among other factors. People experiencing hair loss have been associated with low self-esteem and have struggled to look for ways to improve their confidence. Because hair loss is being experienced worldwide, men’s units are now considered the ultimate solution for this. This popularity of hair loss has made hair unit usage increase rapidly.

What is a Hair Unit?

In contemporary society, even men are now perceiving fashion trends that are no longer unisexual. Since hair loss has become a more dynamic problem, manufacturers have designed hair units for men to help them enhance their beauty and restore the confidence that had been taken away with balding. The best thing with these hair units is that some are manufactured from natural human hair strands while others form synthetic strands. But they have been designed so that if one wears them, it will be hard to distinguish them from their natural hair. The hair pieces have been in the market for over four years; hence they are more popular.

Many people prefer the hairpiece manufactured from natural human hair as it gives a natural feel and allows people to customize their styling in many options. Although these hair systems are quite costly, they are worth the investment, and to ensure they last longer, one is advised to have proper maintenance. Then under this category is virgin hair, one type of hair coming from one donor. They are very high quality and are not dyed or bleached; they can last longer with proper maintenance.  

On the other side, synthetic hair strands deliver a fresh and real look because they have been manufactured with materials resembling natural human hair. However, they do not need a lot of styling; thus, they require less maintenance and are less durable.   

How does Hair Unit work?

Technology has advanced rapidly, implying that more innovation could be employed to make work easier. Therefore, the hair unit is the inversion of non-surgical treatment for hair loss and thinning. This method is unisexual in that any gender can use them. Therefore hair systems are created through either synthetic strands or natural human hair, which are hand-woven onto a particular base material like lace. After it has been manufactured, the base is then adhered to the individual head depending on their preferred attachment method.

However, before the hairstylist suggests the recommended hair unit that will blend well with your hair texture, they will first examine the condition of your hair to determine places that need additional hair.

Best Hair Unit for Hair Loss

Experiencing hair loss is common; once you start experiencing it, you should appreciate it and start looking for solutions. If you navigate the market, you will realize numerous options. However, this does not imply that you should settle for anything because if you want something long-lasting, you need to find the best. The hair units are effective and affordable; thus, they are better than the surgical hair transplant. The best thing about them is that they are ideal for both men and women.

However, research has indicated that many men usually lose a lot of hair compared to women due to hormonal and genetic effects. But deciding to give up hair loss is difficult, and it is advisable to look for a solution. With proper guidance and research, one can get the option of selecting the best quality hair pieces that have been manufactured with premium materials. Below are some of the recommendations

· Premade hair system for both gender

If one is looking for value for their money, something affordable and quick budget solution, this is the right hair system. You can select the best depending on your hair density, waves, and color. So if you want to feel your hair, you can settle for this.

· Custom hair unit process

These are manufactured based on customer demands and are suitable for anyone who wants a personalized hair treatment. This gives you a wide disparity to settle on.

· Mesh fabrics

These are made up of nylon and polyester materials that are the best for building hairlines that appear very natural. They are comfortable to wear and ideal for people with sensitive skins as they allow more breathability. However, you will need to replace it more frequently.

· Polymers

These are manufactured from silicone and polyurethane materials, ideal for creating fits that blend well with the wearer’s skin. The restoration process is durable and easy to attach, making maintenance effective.

How long does the hair unit last?

The durability of the hair unit varies depending on the maintenance taken for the hair; however, they are categorized into two, short-term option and long-term options. The short-term options take 4 to 6 weeks, while the long-term could last up to a year, depending on how well one takes care of them. Also, it depends much on the glue used for the hair unit; when you select the best, it could take up to a year. However, for the ones meant for long-term coverage, it is advisable to take them off occasionally and then clean them if you want to expand their lifespan.


The choice of hair unit is depended on personal preferences and suitability in that what might work for your colleague could be different from what will work for you. If you are unsure about the one that will fit your suitability, you can consult a certified hairstylist. 

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