Difference between Apple MacBook Air and Pro


Apple MacBook products are one of the most widespread technology products in all international markets because they are committed to a high level of quality and have outperformed many other famous products.

But despite the excellence of these products, they are different from each other in all respects and each attracts specific people and serves certain needs.

One of the most important and competitive of these products in the market today is MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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What is the main difference between Apple MacBook Air and Pro 

  • Although the MacBook Air 2022 and the MacBook Pro 2022 are equipped with the M2 smart chip, when compared to each other you find many differences that we will mention now:
  • Although the shape of the MacBook Air is closer to the shape of the MacBook Pro, it features a larger screen size (the Air screen size is 3.6inch while the Pro screen size is 3.3 inches).
  • The MacBook Air has thinner edges than the MacBook Pro which makes it lighter than it but that difference in weight is not great because the MacBook Pro has lost weight over the years.
  • The Macbook Air comes in new colors like Midnight (Dark Blue), Starlight (Gold), Space Gray and Silver. While the Macbook Pro comes in Silver and Space Gray only.
  • The MacBook Air has a larger and brighter display than the MacBook Pro display which means that the Air’s display has a better contrast ratio and can support more colors.
  • The M2 chip is still new, meaning that the M1 chip is the best, but if you want to buy the MacBook Air and the Pro that work with this M2 chip, you have to choose the pro because the air is more compact and fanless.
  • The MacBook Air offers an 18-hour battery life while the MacBook Pro offers a 20-hour battery life.
  • The MacBook Air allows to be magnetically charged( MagSafe) unlike the pro that does not allow it, providing more ports.

Which Apple MacBook is best for students 

Apple has a product for everyone and it is no different from students who recommend buying the MacBook Air 2022 with the M2 chip as it is the best for them among many other options.

The most important feature of the MacBook Air 2022 is the presence of the m2 chip, but this does not mean that it does not have many other features such as a large screen, brighter and bigger display, 1080p webcam, a battery life of 18 hours and as the acceptable and suitable price.

However, there are some negatives, but they are few compared to other types and here are the two most important:

  • Notch distracting
  • Supports only one monitor

Honestly, the MacBook Air 2022 is the best laptop that faces not only all the academic challenges of students but most of the challenges of all people.

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Is Apple MacBook Air enough for college

 MacBook Air has always been a favorite among students of all grades and age groups and is enough and even more than enough to meet their needs, especially the Macbook Air 2022.

 We will mention below Below we will mention some of the reasons why the MacBook Air with a smart chip, especially the m2 chip, is enough for college students:

  • The MacBook Air with the m2 chip is characterized by its fast and high-quality performance, not only in terms of study programs, but also for games.
  • Students often suffer from overloading books, so the lightweight and slim-edged MacBook Air 2022 is the most suitable solution for them as they can easily take it anywhere.
  • Students need a laptop capable of working long hours, and this is what MacBook Air in general and MacBook 2022 in particular provide them.
  • With its modern versions after 2019, the MacBook Air has a convenient and traditional keyboard that allows tasks to be completed easily, which is one of the most important things that students need.

How much RAM does a college student need

 The RAM that students need to accomplish their tasks varies according to their tasks, different fields, and different other things they may do. For example:

Students who use a laptop to browse the web, write, read, and edit texts using programs like Microsoft Word need a RAM of 4GB while students using engineering and design software need a RAM of  8GB. For students who love video games, theyI need 12-16 GB of RAM.

And what we can conclude from the previous talk is that all the MacBook versions, whether Air or Pro after 2019, are suitable for most college students, whatever their field, specialization or needs.

At the end of this article, we have to mention that the decision to choose the right laptop depends on the needs, budget and desires of the person and what he finds suitable for him because although there are certain criteria that determine the best product, each person has his own point of view.

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