Effective Strategies to Leverage SMS Marketing for Your Business


Now that you know the benefits of app and SMS marketing, it’s time to get started using these channels to drive more targeted customer engagement. There are a variety of strategies that can be used to drive both targeted and general message marketing campaigns.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some great ways to leverage your smartphone or tablet as the primary way for your target audience to learn about your latest offers and promotions.

Automated Marketing Channels

Automated marketing channels allow you to automate the process of sending targeted messages to your customer base. These channels are typically integrated with marketing software that you purchase. Automating these channels can help improve your productivity by allowing you to focus on growing your business. Some popular automated channels include Email Marketing, Sms Marketing using SMS API Canada, and Online Marketing!


SMS or short message service is a communication technology that enables users to send limited-volume messages to a large audience over long distances. It was developed in the 1980s and is sometimes referred to as mobile phone messaging. SMS and MMS are inexpensive and easy to use, and are often the first form of marketing you implement when starting a new business.

SMS marketing is often referred to as “text” marketing since the majority of the communication is done via text. However, these channels are not only meant for sending short messages to your customers. They can also be used as a lead capture and sales tool, as well as a scheduling tool for recurring messages.

Testimonial Marketing

One of the best uses of any marketing channel is to generate customer engagement. When you offer your products or services at a certain discounted price, give out free samples, or host a special event, you want customers to tell their friends about you.

To generate more customer engagement, you can test out different strategies to send different types of messages to different audiences. Here are a few different types of messages you can use for testimonial marketing: How Ivice helped me. How Device saved me. Great deals on Ivey. Spend money wisely.

#Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is an option to test different ad types and buy real ad impressions to drive more relevant traffic to your site. There are many different types of paid advertising, and each has different goals and targets. Most paid advertising is aimed at driving more traffic to your site, which will improve both the length of your site’s existence and the number of customers you acquire.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to drive more leads, sales, and customer engagement to your business. It’s a good way to test out new ad types. And buy real ad impressions to see how well they work for your business type. When it comes to driving leads, sales, and customer engagement with video marketing, there are 2 main strategies you can use.

Video Ads – These are traditional ad types you may see on television and in movies. Where a presenter or narrator explains a product or service’s benefits in an engaging and cinematic way.

Virtual Reality Marketing – VR marketing is a new marketing strategy that uses immersive video to generate more sales, leads, and customer engagement. It’s a great way to test out new ad types and buy real ad impressions to see how well they work for your business type.

#Email marketing

Email marketing is not only used for marketing. But it’s also one of the oldest marketing channels you can use. It has been proven to be as effective as newer forms of marketing over time. And it’s still a great way to engage your customers and get their attention. There are 2 main strategies you can use with email marketing: automated and targeted.

Automated Email Marketing – Many email marketing providers can automatically create. And then send emails to your customers with various offers and deals. You can check out listserve.io for an example.

Tuned Email Marketing – With tuned email marketing, you set up personalized offers and messages that are specific to your customers. You can set up emails that include a discount code for your eCommerce store. A special offer for a specific time of the week, or an exclusive deal for new customers.

Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, etc.

One of the newest, and most effective ways to drive traffic to your site and acquire customers is through social media. You can use all types of social media, but here are a few examples:


Choosing the right marketing channels can make or break your business. By understanding how each type of marketing works. How best to use them for your business, you can create a more targeted. And profitable marketing campaign.

If you’re just starting out in-app or SMS marketing, we hope this blog post helped you better understand the types of marketing you can use and the benefits of each. Learn more…

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