Epoxy Adhesive Manufacturers & Suppliers in Pakistan

Epoxy adhesives are strong and durable adhesives comprising two components, a resin and a hardener. The two components chemically react to form a thermosetting plastic material. Epoxy adhesives are using to bond various materials, including metals, glass, rubber, ceramics, and plastics.

This two-part epoxy resin connects multiple materials and provides a solid and durable bond to any mender. It is resistant to water, heat, and chemical exposure.

Epoxy tile adhesives are used in various applications, including automotive and marine repairs, cabinet making, and electronics assembly. This guide will cover the top epoxy adhesives manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan.

Top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Epoxy Adhesive

We’ve compiled a list of Pakistan’s top epoxy adhesive manufacturers and suppliers. This 5-minute epoxy steel has maximum strength and successfully bonds every substrate. Let’s go through the various lists of manufacturers and suppliers.

  1. Copps Industries, Inc.

Copps Industries is producing an epoxy product for the mining and aggregate market from 1979! They have 500 products supplying in different markets and customers throughout North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

They are constantly working to make their products easier to mix and install, faster curing and more resistant to chemicals, heat, and vibration forces. At Copps Industries, they handle every product promptly and responsibly.

They have been providing excellent products and services for over 20 years. As a leader in their field, Copps doesn’t just sell epoxy resin glue; they provide high-end solutions and accommodate every customer’s chemical needs.

  • Epoxy Industries

Epoxy industry Pvt. Ltd has been Pakistan’s largest epoxy adhesives supplier and manufacturer from 1970. They manufacture and export high-temperature epoxy compounds, adhesives and putties for the maintenance and repair of diverse substrates.

They are helpful for leak-proofing, sealing, bonding, surface building and many other general and special purposes. Epoxy industries have been a top-tier and well-known brand name in Industries, General stores, Farming, Auto, and homes for the past four decades.

  • Ressichem

The company has proudly catered to the customer’s construction needs and fulfilled many other industries by offering quality products manufactured with innovation and durability. Ressichem takes pride in presenting various construction materials and systems that can cater to many construction industry needs.

Ressichem accomplished regular tests to retain the quality of finished products for different industrial and construction applications. They can solve entire building and industrial problems with their materials.

Ressichem has a wide range of satisfied customers and has done numerous projects. For commercial, residential, and industrial sectors, Ressichem provides unique and fascinating solutions.

  • Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring is one of the leading epoxy adhesives suppliers and manufacturers in Pakistan, specializing in developing and manufacturing resins used to formulate surface coatings. They provide everything to their prestigious customer; be it a product or after-sales service, you can always count on them.

They are known as a leader in installing two-part epoxy resin and other flooring systems which meet the highest standards. Their expertise enables them to provide customization solutions to meet every customer’s specific requirement. They can give a robust solution by bringing all the elements to identify your problem.

  • Epic Resins

Epic Resins is a leader in producing high-temperature epoxy and polyurethane resin manufacturing. They specialize in offering potting, adhesives, edge molding, custom bonding and encapsulation compounds.

They are the leading producer of quality resins and provide innovation and unparalleled customer service. Epic Resins offers fast turnarounds, a durable and affordable product. Their extensive adhesive and potting compound catalogue, they can produce custom formulas to meet clients’ requirements in various industries.


Epoxy resin glue creates potent bonds with various substrates, metal, wood, and epoxy glue for plastic. They are highly resistant to heat, making them perfect for applications where things may be exposed to high temperatures. They are highly resistant to many chemicals, solvents, oils, and water.

 5-minute epoxy adhesives can bond with various materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, etc. Epoxy glue for metal and other chemicals works with Excellency and is highly impact-resistant.

This epoxy glue forms a durable bond lasting many years, even in harsh environments. This epoxy tile adhesive is easy to mix, apply, and use and can be involved with a variety of tools and methods.

Buy high-temperature epoxy glue for concrete, wood, marbles and other substrates from well-known epoxy resin glue manufacturers and suppliers.

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