Three new dams have completed for Gwadar water


The benefit of Gwadar water Federal and Chinese CPEC funding. three new dams have completed in the last two years at Sawad. Shadi Kaur and Belar. Unfortunately, these have yet to connected to the Gwadar city pipelines. and cannot be totally relied on in the future, due to continuing droughts and climate change.

First step desalination plant

Desalination plants could prove to be a more effective answer. and three such Gwadar water plants have already built. but as the first of their kind in the region, they too have had their issues. Design errors technical issues and the high cost of operations have meant. that they are unable to supply the gallons of Gwadar water expected. On a positive note Gwadar has recently received some very positive news. China’s Overseas Holding Company has recently signed.

Recent investments

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of Baluchistan. with the aim of solving Gwadar’s water crisis. The city’s citizens will benefit from 300,000 gallons of clean drinking water. to made available daily at a much fairer and subsidized rate of 80 paisa per gallon. There is also an expectation that developers in Gwadar will consider. how they provide Gwadar water to the communities that they are building. For instance leading developers CPIC have ensured. that both of their developments (International Port City. and China Pak Golf Estates) have desalination plants. which will built by leading Chinese construction companies.

The successful solution

The successful solution is likely to be a combination of resources. Developers playing their part for Gwadar water crises. the installation of pipework to connect the three new dams to Gwadar City. and the use of Chinese expertise to transform the current desalination plants. into productive and efficient facilities. Whilst the reliance on water-tankers will unfortunately continue in the short term. there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel and the investment from the Chinese into CPEC is a major boost.

Flaw technical problem

The benefit of central and Chinese CPEC funding. three new dams have completed over the past two years in Sawad, Shadi Kaur and Belar. Gwadar City and cannot be fully reliant in the future due to ongoing drought and climate change. Seawater desalination plants may be a more efficient solution. And 3 such factories have already built. but since it is the first factory in the region So they raised the issue as well. design flaw technical problem and high operating costs making. it unable to supply the full gallon of Gwadar water as expected

latest investment

On the plus side, Gwadar has recently received some positive news. China’s Overseas Holding Company recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). with the Baluchistan government to address the Gwadar water crisis. and subsidized at 80 paisa per gallon. There is also hope that developers in Gwadar will consider. how they provide water to the communities they are building. (International Port City and China Pak Golf Estate) has a desalination plant. that major Chinese manufacturers will build.

New dams to Gwadar

A successful solution seems to be pooling resources. The developers came into play by using China’s expertise to install pipelines to connect three new dams to Gwadar. and convert an existing desalination plant into a productive and efficient facility. Although reliance on Gwadar water tankers will unfortunately continue in the short term. But there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel. And China’s investment in CPEC is a big boost.

Pipelines approximately

He revealed that along with the construction of the desalination plant. 1.2 million gallons of water per day were being built. The Port Authority of Gwadar is also making progress in laying water pipelines approximately. 1 km from the factory site to Gwadar’s main water distribution network. As a result, clean drinking water will supplied via taps in homes. of the people of Gwadar

Purification plant

For this purpose the Gwadar Port Authority has officially started. A bidding process to hire eligible companies. and said that after the completion of the bidding process on November 16. selected industries will awarded contracts in accordance with the rules and regulations. Gwadar water Port Authority officials said The 1.2-million-gallon-per-day water purification plant. spread over about an acre, will completed in 12 months, but expected to completed before April 2023.

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