Help your Guests Relax with a Luxury Absorbent Bathrobe


The bathrobe is a must-have amenity in every Hotel’s bathroom. It is a dressing gown that can be worn after taking a shower or while you are choosing the clothes to wear after taking a bath. The bathrobe is also made of the same material used in terry towels. It absorbs the dripping water and keeps you dry as you proceed to wear ironed clothes.

Luxury hotels place bath robes in the bathrooms to make the experience worthwhile, so the hotelier may need to replenish bathrobe inventory regularly. So, in this blog, we have come up with various factors a hotelier must consider while buying bathrobes.

How to choose Hotel Bathrobes?

Replenishing Hotel inventory is a responsibility that you are accountable for. Your vision is to make buying decisions that prove to be favorable for a hotel in the long run. Buying a reasonable bathrobe is also a challenge. Here are a few considerations a hotelier must keep in mind when he is going to choose a bathrobe for hotel bathrooms.


The material of the bathrobe is the foremost consideration. Guests stay in the Hotel to make the trip memorable, and you can make their stay worthwhile by providing them the comfortable amenities. Bath gown is one such inevitable bathroom essential. A bath gown or bathrobe comes in contact with the skin, so you must look for a comfortable material that stays easy on the skin and does not cause skin allergies, irritation, or other skin discomforts.

The material must be gentle on the skin. Cotton bathrobes are hypoallergenic. They have a soft and gentle feel, so users like them. These bathrobes are breathable and do not irritate the skin or cause allergies. Different companies are selling blended or poly-cotton bathrobes. Such bathrobes combine comfort with durability to offer an ideal combo. 


Bathrobes are made of terry, the same weave used for towels. One of their primary function is to absorb the dripping water and keep the user’s body dry so that the user may be able to move out of the washroom conveniently. Buy cotton bathrobes because they offer superior absorbency. However, there is a major setback of highly-absorbent terry cotton bathrobes. They absorb water excessively, so they also take time to dry. People leave damp bathrobes in the washroom, so they get stinky and feel quite unpleasant.

To avoid such super-soaked bath linens, you can choose poly cotton variants. Poly cotton terry towels absorb water well but also dry out quickly.


Durability must always be a major matter of concern. If you do not buy high-quality, durable bathrobes, they will wear off soon. Hotel bathrobes are more prone to wear & tear because they have to go through industrial laundering. If you buy low-quality bathrobes, you will have to replace them with new ones time & again, raising your annual linen spent eventually. So, buy bath robes that are absorbent as well as durable enough to withstand industrial laundering.


The weave of the fabric governs the plush and softness. Guests like soft and plush towels, so they must look for options that offer terry cloth weave. Terry cloth weaves offer a softer texture and plushier feel, so the guests feel comfortable in the robe. Waffle weaves are also popular among users.

The right Style

Robes come in a range of designs and styles, like the kimono-style robes, the collared one, or the one with a hoodie, Cotton Velour, or waffle bathrobes. Each Style has a different cut and fit, and each serves a distinctive purpose, so you can choose the Style according to the weather, the type of industry, or according to your budget.

Stitching Quality

Craftsmanship is one of the parameters which determine the durability & lifespan of the bathrobe. If the bathrobes are crafted by professional workmen or by using modern high-tech machines, then they last long, and the stitching does not rip apart.

DZEE Textile sells well-stitched bedding and bathrobes. We apply six stitches per inch so the bathrobes and towels come out stronger and more long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hotels give robes?

Yes! Almost all types of hotels place robes in the washrooms. It is one of the must-have amenities the hotels provide. Hotels choose white robes and get them laundered regularly to provide fresh bathrobes to the guests. 

How much does a hotel charge for a robe?

Hotels usually charge between $25 to $50 for robes.

What’s the most comfortable material for a hotel-style robe?

Cotton is the most preferred fabric for bathrobes. It is soft, breathable, and has greater absorbency than any other fabric. This is why it is widely used in fabricating bath robes. However, Poly-cotton bathrobes are also popular variants. These bathrobes are made of blended fabric. The fabric contains a thoughtful mix of cotton and polyester, so these bathrobes are supposed to be super-durable as well as absorbent.

Is a bathrobe better than a towel?

Bathrobes have more utility than a towel. It serves two purposes, i.e., drying out the body and serving to be a dressing gown while you are choosing your outfit or ironing them after taking a bath. However, a towel does not do it. You dry your body and leave the towel in the washroom. However, the fabric, weave, and feel are nearly the same. The difference is in their size, cut, and usage. 

Why do people wear bathrobes?

People wear bathrobes after taking a shower. They usually wear them when they are not in their regular clothes or choosing their outfit after taking a bath.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a bathrobe seems easy, but it needs to be chosen considerately because your buying decision will have a significant impact on Hotel’s annual linen budget. A wise decision can reduce Hotel’s spending along with getting excellent reviews from customers.

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