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How Much Does A Pakistani Wedding Dress Cost? How Much Does A Pakistani Wedding Dress Cost?

How Much Does A Pakistani Wedding Dress Cost?


Beautiful Pakistani bridal gowns created by some designers are renowned all over the world. These understated wedding gowns reflect the various nations’ special traditions and marriage-related ceremonies. In Pakistan, weddings include a number of pre-wedding events, such as Maayoun and Mehndi, in addition to the customary yet fundamental Baraat and Walima ceremonies. Your overall personality can be seen through your clothing. The bride is the center of attention at the wedding, therefore she should dress properly.

It is a universal custom for the bride to present her best self at the most important occasion of her life. This question has a straightforward solution. Affordable designer wedding gowns are available in Pakistan from a variety of brands. Simple wedding dresses, barat gowns for brides, and other options are available to you. The average cost of a Pakistani wedding dresses is around 20k-40k. The Pakistani wedding dress price is this much due to the following reasons:


Unless there is no lining or the external fabric is used to make the lining as well, which is done in some situations but not in the majority of cases, wedding gowns are not manufactured with just one kind of material. Imagine having lace both as a liner and an exterior! although there are a few different kinds. Furthermore, depending on the silhouette of your preferred style, there are possibly layers of it as well. The same reason wedding gowns are so stunningly beautiful also explains why they are pricey. It’s an experience that makes you feel so opulent and gorgeous when you gaze at it or wear it.

Extra material

Wedding gowns typically feature several layers, including a lining, additional materials to give the skirt volume, the outside fabric canvas that creates the dress, and in some cases, additional fabric overlays. The quantity of textiles utilized is determined by the dress’s design. You would therefore be looking at three different sorts of materials initially, including a specific lining material, lace, and tulle overlay, if you have a gown that uses lace as the main fabric canvas for your dress, with an extensive train and a layer of tulle overlay on top for an ethereal aesthetic.

Craftsmanship and embroidery

Because they are produced by machines, wedding dresses that are mass produced in factories are a little less expensive. The employee’s labor costs to operate these devices, or their wage, would be the direct costs related to this. Contrarily, the creation of a wedding dress involves only manual labor; as a result, numerous dressmakers are required, ranging from the pattern cutter, seamstress, to the dressmaker who completes all the hand beading and embellishments. A dressmaker’s job entails a great deal of artistic talent and inventiveness in addition to mathematical prowess, attention to detail, and dexterity.

The wedding day is a big day for everyone and hence the choice for your wedding day outfit needs to be specular. To make your day unique and glamorous, they have a wide array of designers. Studio by TCS offers bespoke designs for your big day. From Nilofer Shahid to Deepak Perwani, designers make sure to make your dress stand out from the crowd.

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