How To Fix My Gaming Laptop From Lagging


It might be really annoying to use a sluggish gaming laptop. Best gaming laptop under $300 are not the only ones that have the issue. New or old computers occasionally exhibit the same behavior. The most annoying situation is when your laptop has more than enough power to run a game but still lags.

Your gaming laptop may be slow for various reasons. The most frequent reason is heat-induced CPU throttling. Other causes include having single-channel RAM or a laptop that isn’t powerful enough for the task at hand.

We’ll examine the causes of your laptop’s latency in this article. We’ll talk about a few potential fixes as well. Therefore, if your laptop is new or old keeps lagging, keep reading, and hopefully we can help you with your issue. Here are our six suggestions for fixing a sluggish gaming laptop.

Throttled CPU

Even though you are aware that your best gaming laptop under $300 is capable of running games, latency is most likely the result of CPU throttling.

When your CPU is operating at a specific temperature, CPU throttling happens. Throttling techniques are used by manufacturers of gaming laptops as a measure of safety to prevent overheating. They take this action for both their own security and your protection.

Undervolting your laptop is completely safe and has no negative effects on the CPU. In light of this, undervolting the CPU excessively puts your system’s stability at risk and increases the likelihood that your laptop will occasionally crash. This won’t be a problem if you do it correctly. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at how to undervolt your laptop for gaming.

How To Undervolt CPU

Depending on whether your CPU can run the first program, you need to download either one of two apps. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is the ideal application for this task. On that page, they give a list of CPUs that are supported. I advise using a tool called “ThrottleStop” if your CPU is not supported. How to undervolt your CPU is shown here.

Extreme Utility Tool

  • Your laptop should have the application downloaded.
  • Perform a stress test to measure the CPU’s temperature while it is operating at the default voltage. I advise performing a stress test for 20 minutes.
  • When the test is finished, a little graph will be displayed. You want the temperature that is in the “packaging.” Consider the temperature. During the test, it is a good idea to check your clock speeds.
  • Now select “Core” from the menu. A feature titled “Core Voltage Offset” will appear. The offset should be set to -0.040, in my opinion. Apply the adjustments, don’t forget. This is simply a starting point for you; it won’t be your final setup. If all goes smoothly after testing, you can raise offset.
  • The same stress test again. Clock speeds should increase slightly while Core temperature should decrease. If everything is stable, you can raise the offset in 0.005 to 0.010 increments until it is between 0.080 and 0.120. Going above this is not advised.

Pretty basic, yes? You can always move back down to a place where everything is steady if you go too high, so don’t worry.

Throttle stop

This is pretty much the same; it is just a different UI. To do a stress test, you will need a separate program like AIDA 64 Extreme (Paid Software.)

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Benefits Of Undervolting

Lower CPU temperatures result in less heat, and less heat results in less throttling, thus overall your laptop performance should be much improved. Additionally, you should receive faster clock speeds, which will improve game performance.

Is Undervolt Safe

In my experience, the worst that can happen is that if you push yourself too far, your best gaming laptop under $300 might crash. Undervolting is secure when done correctly.

Temperature For Laptop

You should reach temperatures of between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius after performing a stress test on the stock CPU. The stress test will demonstrate how it functions when performing demanding tasks like gaming. You should observe temps of between 63 and 70 degrees cellcius after undervolting the CPU.

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RAM Issues In Gaming Laptops

You might not have enough RAM. Many computers are equipped with the absolute bare minimum. The RAM is typically only used in one channel on laptops. Running RAM across a single channel is not the greatest option, even if you have adequate RAM.

You want to use dual-channel to run your RAM. As a result, you must purchase a new stick of RAM with the exact identical specifications as the one already installed in your laptop. There is nothing you can do if your laptop only has one RAM slot and does not support dual-channel RAM.

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Upgrade Your RAM

  • Your best gaming laptop under $300 rear may be opened with a simple Phillips screwdriver.
  • Verify how many RAM slots are available. It’s excellent if there are two slots.
  • Look at the sticker on the installed RAM. You need to know the RAM’s size and frequency. Either 2666 MHz or 3200 MHz should be stated. Verify whether it is DDR4 or DDR3 as well. Most likely, DDR4 will be used.
  • Try your best to purchase the same brand of RAM when you buy a new stick. The size and frequency should be the same as the current one. The DDR must also be the same.
  • You’ll notice the new RAM stick has a little slit once you get it. To be sure it fits, align the slit with the RAM slot.
  • With a little push, insert the RAM stick into the corresponding slot.
  • Turn on the laptop, close it, and launch Windows.
  • Right-click the mouse and navigate to “My Computer.”
  • Your computer’s specifications should be visible if you choose Properties in the popup window. You should see the appropriate amount of RAM.

Didn’t Update Your Drivers

I’ll use your GPU in this illustration. The game developer will follow suit to update the game for the graphics card when the GPU manufacturer releases updates.

Some games could begin to lag if your drivers are out of date.

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Update Your Drivers

This is a rather easy remedy. You only need to search for and download the most recent drivers for your components. This is what you ought to do.

  • Start by looking at your motherboard. Check the motherboard software for updates, and if any are available, install them.
  • Go to your GPU software next. Either Nvidia or AMD software will be used for this. Download, instal, and check for updates.

It really is that simple. At the very least once every month, or if your laptop begins to lag while playing games, you should check for fresh driver updates.

Didn’t Put Laptop In Performance Mode

While it is also highly important, this is another item that is simple to fix. best gaming laptop under $300 are designed to have multiple uses. Some individuals utilise them as media players, workstations, standard PCs, and gaming devices.

As a result, the laptop will be designed with various modes; we’ll merely use default and performance.

Default Mode

The CPU is often throttled in default mode, the GPU is disabled, and the fans are operated at lower rates. In order to prolong battery life and reduce laptop noise, this is done. Additionally, because the components typically operate cooler, it increases their lifespan.

Performance Mode

The CPU will operate at greater clock rates and the fans will also operate at higher speeds when in permanence mode. This can be altered. Moreover, the GPU will be turned on. All of these enhancements will raise the temperature of the laptop, increase noise levels, and accelerate battery drain, but hopefully you have already undervolted the CPU.

Switch To Performance Mode

Software will be included with each best gaming laptop under $300. Software from MSI, ASUS, and other manufacturers will be available on laptops, for example. All you have to do is switch between the modes in your laptop’s software package. Fan speeds, for example, may typically be adjusted. Performance mode will also end background processes that are superfluous.

Additionally, some laptops include a dedicated physical button that makes switching between modes simple.

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We anticipate flawless operation from expensive things like gaming laptops when we purchase them. In any case, gaming laptops are not inexpensive.

I advise generating a checklist or saving this page if you have read the article up until this point. By doing so, you can read the entire article from beginning to end, and your laptop should operate more efficiently. If not, you might have a hardware issue and should get in touch with the store where you bought it.

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