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Is "Violent Night" (2022) Movie Reviews Good Or Bad? Is "Violent Night" (2022) Movie Reviews Good Or Bad?

Is “Violent Night” (2022) Movie Reviews Good Or Bad?


If young Macaulay Culkin,, in the guise of Kevin McCallister, could battle bad guys at Christmastime in the widely loved (1990) film ‘“”’Home Alone’,””’ why not Santa Claus himself? That would seem to be the thinking behind director Tommy Wirkola’s holiday-themed action comedy “Violent Night” (Universal).

The upshot, however,,,is a strange blend of bloody mayhem and rank sentimentality that goes down like a gulp of sour eggnog.

Violent Night 2022 Google Reviews

What an amazing movie this was it was full of gory action and it had. plenty of funny moments in the movie too that will make you laugh. David Harbour who you might know from Stranger Things plays Santa in this movie and .he does it amazingly well and I just love him as an Actor and as a person he is just amazing.

Violent Night

The storyline to this movie was really well executed and planned out but the only bit I didn’t like about this movie is that you don’t get to fi.nd out what happens to Sugerplum who is the tech woman who unlocks. the vault you don’t get to find out if she dies or if she survived but oh well. This movie just made me feel like a kid again believing in Santa I mean who knows maybe he is real 😂.

But yeah overall a amazing action-filled movie that is also hilarious and is certainly different from your other Christm.as movies like Elf or love actually but this. has got some similarities to Home Alone with all of the boobytraps the kids set up. So yeah I definitely recommend that you go and see this movie because it’s amazing even if your not a major Christmas fan it’s still amazing and you should still go and watch it.

Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Christmas movies are usually unbearably wholesome and sentimental. great to watch if you have children, but can seem a bit pointless unless you made it yourself.

Violent Night is a comedy/action movie that embraces the spirit of Christmas movies, but subverts it with dark humour and gratuitious violence. imagine if Tarantino re-imagined a mashup of Die Hard and Home Alone, which makes it a welcome alternative to the usual Christmas movies. Needless to say, I loved it.

The storyline is as implausible as the existence of Santa himself. An elite team of mercenaries breaks into a family compound on Christmas Eve, taking everyone hostage inside.

However, It is quite shocking and deserves its age restriction because it is quite unrelenting in parts but it is also equally funny.

If you hate Christmas movies, you will love Violent Night.



Eric McCoy

I have start by saying this is the first movie I’ve seen in a long.. time that’s had (at least for what I caught) ZERO woke agenda Hollywood feels they need to characterize.

Every character played their part and didn’t have a check the box feeling.

With that out of the way let’s get to the plot. Christmas gone wrong.

I loved the small things that reminded.. you that Santa was indeed the real deal and not some guy in a suit. Multiple deaths have creative/ corny Christmas puns but I actually LOLd a good amount through the movie. All around a good movie and will definitely be adding it to my blu-ray collection. I think there is even enough there for a potential sequel. My only con and who I gave 4/5 is because about an hour in I was like “is these all the deaths we are going to see??”

It felt slow for a little longer than needed and some of the sun characters felt a little shallow. Overall am recommending to friends and family. Might not even hurt to have some brandy before hand 😉 filmdailyweb.com

The cast executed a heist team very well, and Santa’s gory violence against them, coupled with several humorous moments really calls me back to Die Hard. The hubby kept saying “it’s like they had a script for Die Hard 4, but unfortunately, due to Bruce Willis’ unavailability, they went a slightly different direction having St. Nick instead of John McClain.” I cannot say I disagree, however THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS MOVIE. Several frightening bits and lots of candy gore make this one to tuck the little ones in before watching.

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