Kinds of Rats that Commonly Infest Homes


Rats are one of the most common pests that can infest your home. Plenty of infectious disorders come along with them. These uninvited guests will never miss a chance to ruin your property. From wooden items and cardboard to your clothes and food items, nothing is secure when rats are present in your home. They will touch the toys of your children, their feeding items, and everything else making the transfer of germs easy. They are one of the major disease carriers in different regions of the world.

Rats can disturb the whole electric wiring of your home by chewing the wires and breaking them. The worst part is that there are more than 50 species of rats. Any one of them can invade your home and you will not even be able to opt for the right methods to control that specific type of rat. Therefore, the best way is to go with a professional rat exterminator in Langley BC, Vancouver, and Surrey.

Once you recognize the kind of rats that have infested your home, it will be easier for you to control them. But how are you going to recognize them as they are nocturnal and move very quickly? You cannot even see them properly then how can you identify them? Don’t worry! We will guide you about this by telling you about different kinds of rats that can infest your home.

House Mouse

They are the most commonly found pest in your homes. They are usually grey or light brown in color with a long tail. Their ears are just like mickey mouse. They are pretty small in their size as there are very rare chances that they can grow more than 4 inches in size. However, it never means that they are not dangerous. Never let their small size fool you as they are always ready to damage your property. They often live in cracks and holes, so you can check their presence there. You can also follow their trails to see if they are present in your home. Or, the better choice is to hire a rat exterminator to get rid of them.

Norway Rats

These brown-colored rats are most abundant in urban areas. They are said to have originated in China but nowadays you can see them all over the world. They have brown-colored fur on their bodies which is very light on the underside. They can grow pretty large and weigh twice as house rats. Their average weight is around 700 to 1000 grams. They are 10 inches long and their tail is also as long as their body. They are excellent climbers and you can see their trails on your walls. Apart from that their sense of smell is also very sharp. No matter where the food is present, they will smell it and reach there to destroy it.

Ship Rat

This rat is usually black and loves to reside on your roof. They are very quick and you cannot catch a glimpse of them when they move at night time. Their size is smaller than Norway rats. Usually, they don’t grow more than 7 inches. Their weight too remains low as it is around 300 grams on average. Their wild specimens are much quicker than those who lived in homes.

The favorite hobby of ship rats is to churn any piece of paper in your home. So, if you keep on finding small pieces of paper during cleaning, then it means that a ship rat has invaded your home. There is no need to mention that they don’t come alone. Diseases and viral infections are their partners. Therefore, you need to rely on an expert rat exterminator to ensure they no longer live in your home.


They are the other name for havoc for your cars and electrical wiring. Once they get inside your home, their first mission is to chew and ruin every electric wire present in your home. Getting free from this, they will focus on the clothes present in your home and churn them. They have bushy tails and large black eyes. They usually build nests to reside in your home. If you see debris such as sticks, twigs, or tiny branches in your home it means they have reached your home and are building their nest.

Rat Exterminator at Your Rescue!

You need to hire pest exterminators to get rid of all these species of rats. Contact Total Pest Control immediately before rats start spreading infections and ruining everything. When you hire an experienced rat exterminator, you minimize the chances of rats ever returning to your home.

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