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Main Fire Extinguisher Types In Toronto. - Filmdailyweb.com Main Fire Extinguisher Types In Toronto. - Filmdailyweb.com

Main Fire Extinguisher Types In Toronto.


Fire protection company Toronto introduces a fire extinguisher that has the capacity to be efficient if it is used to put out the fire for which it was intended. Choosing the incorrect fire extinguisher can make things worse. Because of this, you should guarantee that your company has the appropriate fire extinguishers. Use these fire extinguisher tips to safeguard your home and place of business. The fire protection services Toronto serves as each of the following fire extinguishers’ primary identifying features.

Carbon-Dioxide Extinguishers:

Fire protection services Toronto provides fire extinguishers that are filled with non-flammable carbon dioxide gas under extremely high pressure. A carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher can be identified by its distinctive hard horn and the absence of a pressure gauge that goes along with it.

When to Use One?

Only fires involving flammable liquids or electrical fires should be extinguished with CO2 fire extinguishers. CO2 fire extinguishers should be available in laboratories, storage facilities for volatile chemicals, and mechanical rooms.

How Do They Suppress Fires?

They efficiently cause the flames to extinguish by displacing oxygen, a crucial component in the fire.

Fire Extinguisher Colour Code:

  • Black

Dry Chemical/Powder Extinguishers:

Mono ammonium phosphate powder is frequently added to dry chemical fire extinguishers (abbreviated DC) and pressurized with nitrogen. Fire protection services Toronto is capable to use this extinguisher to save humanity.

When To Use It?

Uncontrollable fires are best put out with DC fire extinguishers. It’sA important to note that some canisters may have the label ABC while others may only have BC. While BC canisters only extinguish Class B and C fires, ABC canisters will extinguish Class A, B, and C fires.

Due to their adaptability, DC fire extinguishers are among the most frequently installed in new structures, including offices, commercial buildings, and automobiles.

How Do They Suppress Fires?

The fuel that has been ignited is covered with a layer of powder by DC fire extinguishers essentially cutting off the fuel’s access to oxygen and putting out the fire. The chemical reaction of the fire is hampered by this powder which puts it out.

Fire Extinguisher Colour Code:

  • Blue

Water Extinguishers:

As its name suggests Fire protection services Toronto introduced water extinguishers. They contain ordinary tap water that has been compressed using ordinary air.

When To Use It?

Water-based fire extinguishers should only be used on medium flames, that is, fires involving cloth, paper, or wood. Using water-based fire extinguishers on flames involving flammable liquids is never a good idea because they are not only useless but also risk starting a fire. The same is true for electrical fires; as water is a good conductor it should not be used due to the high risk of electrocution.

How Do They Work?

Fire protection services Toronto teaches its workers to use it properly. Water fire extinguishers take away the “heat” needed to start a fire (the other two elements being fuel and oxygen)

Fire Extinguisher Colour Code:

  • Red

Chemical Foam Extinguishers:

Fire protection sprinkler systems plays its role here by introducing chemical foam extinguishers. Aqueous chemicals are used in foam extinguishers sometimes referred to as AFFF fire extinguishers to put out fires.

When To Use It?

Because the foam is often made of non-toxic chemicals, foam-based fire extinguishers are among the most environmentally benign products on the market.

How Do They Suppress Fires?

The aqueous foam effectively smothers any sparks that could attempt to rekindle the fire by establishing a durable barrier between the fuel source and the oxygen in the atmosphere.

Fire Extinguisher Colour Code:

  • Beige/cream

Wet Chemical Gas Extinguishers:

These specific fire extinguishers are filled with a potassium solution. Fire protection services Toronto uses wet chemical gas extinguishers in serious situations.

When To Use It?

Extinguishers made of wet chemicals are made to put out uncontrollable fires. The greatest situations to use these fire extinguishers in are those involving fires in wood, paper, fabrics, cooking fats, and oils. Neither flammable liquids nor gases nor live electrical equipment should be put out using wet chemical extinguishers. In commercial restaurant kitchens, wet chemical fire extinguishers are advised.

How Do They Suppress Fires?

The potassium solution puts out the fire by lowering the temperature and cooling it which stops it in its tracks. In situations involving fats or grease, the potassium salts in the fire extinguishers trigger a chemical reaction known as saponification when they come into contact with the hot oil or fat. The ensuing soapy foam doesn’t burn successfully putting out the fire.

Fire Extinguisher Colour Code:

  • Yellow
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