Purchasing a Renewed IPhone? Read this first.


Purchasing a Renewed iPhone is definitely a smarter option rather than going for a brand-new one. Here we will be taking a look at six good reasons why you should opt for a refurbished iPhone from a reputed refurbished Mobile Shop.So, let’s start.

(1) It’s more Affordable:

Of course, it goes without saying that price is one of the most attractive things about buying a refurbished iPhone. Everyone cannot fit into the budget of a new phone, and by choosing a refurbished phone, you open avenues through more budget-friendly options. There is a wide plethora of models available and you have four main condition categories that you can choose from: Like New, Very Good, and Acceptable. Depending on the model you purchase and its condition category, you could own and experience an iPhone that is 40% cheaper than those sold by other retail stores.

Here, you should also note that these condition categories are simply cosmetic, and only refers to the appearance of the phone. A good refurbished Mobile Shop has specialists employed who meticulously inspect and repair the phones as necessary. This encompasses a 52-step checking process where an extensive test of the phone’s functions is executed and if there are any damaged parts, then those parts are replaced with brand-new ones. So, irrespective of the condition category you choose, if you purchase it from a good shop, you can expect that the phone will function as new.

(2) Refurbished Phones can have a Longer Lifespan than What You might Think:

There is a common misconception that a refurbished iPhone will have a shorter life span than a brand-new one. This mainly depends on how the phone has been refurbished. Speaking about a great example of the surprising lifespan of refurbished iPhones, the first phone that comes to mind is the iPhone 6S. Released way back in 2015, its popularity continues to date. Many expect a 5-year-old model to have trouble functioning, but not after the reputed refurbished shops work their magic on it. They check both the loading cycles and the capacity of every battery and replace all those which have less than 80% capacity. This guarantees the efficient functioning of the phone and is in accordance with both their and Apple’s standards.

(3) You get a Long and Comprehensive Warranty:

The repair process that is carried out by the technicians can extend the lifespan of an iPhone by several years. And this is the reason they can offer a long and comprehensive warranty. All phones, irrespective of their condition, are covered under a 12-month warranty. This ensures that you get the same protection as when buying a new iPhone.

(4) Purchasing a Refurbished IPhone is a more Sustainable Choice:

There are numerous raw materials that go into the manufacture of each new phone. But, do you know that these materials are mined in processes, that emit significant quantities of carbon dioxide? And this in turn contributes to global warming. As a matter of fact, a staggering 85-95% of carbon emissions caused by mobile phones are produced during their production.

When you purchase a Renewed iPhone from a reputed refurbished Mobile Shop, you are playing your part in the responsible recycling of existing resources and environmentally sustainable consumption. Thus, you are not only saving our planet from contamination from unnecessary electronic waste but also from harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

(5) A Safe and Secure Purchase with a 14-day Return Policy:

You can have absolute peace of mind when you are purchasing a refurbished iPhone from a reputed refurbished shop. They have a safe and secure website and if for any reason, you find that the product does not live up to your expectations, you have the option of returning it within 14 days, with absolutely zero questions asked.

(6) You get the Same High-Quality Shopping Experience as When you Shop in a Store:

Of course, we know that the shopping experience is part of the excitement of getting a new phone. And this is the reason why the refurbished shops take so much care in designing their sleek website and their very own refurbished boxes. Many shops offer boxes that are similar to Apple, and in addition to the phone, you also get a charging cable, SIM card opener, and instructions regarding the shop’s return policy and warranty.

Final Take:

A quick search online would reveal the different reputed refurbished Mobile Shop. We highly suggest that you do your homework before you commit to a particular shop. Visit their website and shortlist a Renewed iPhone that fits your bill in the best way possible. 

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