The seven best selling second hand motorcycles in India.


We’re here to help you find the greatest ones by listing the top-selling bikes online since you sold your second hand motorcycles for a fantastic price and now want to spend that money on something greater than you can imagine.

India has made October 2020 the month for two-wheelers notwithstanding the epidemic. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers recently revealed data showing that overall domestic sales increased significantly in October 2019 compared to that month by 16.88%, or about 20 lac units as opposed to around 17 lakhs units. Two-wheeled vehicle demand has been high. Even the online bike sales sector had a significant uptick in October of this year.

Online transactions have fundamentally altered the way markets operate. Just picture doing both from the comfort of your couch. It’s understandable why individuals have started using the internet to look for new or used bikes to purchase and used bikes to sell: it’s convenient.

Everi – used bikes, India’s largest and most reputable bike selling business, is devoted to assisting India sell motorcycles at the best rates with full inspections and no legal hiccups. The company is active in three cities.

Convenience, accessibility, and variety are what define today’s world. Young people adore high-end and reasonably priced sports motorcycles, but India still prefers commuting bikes.

Pulsar 150 by Bajaj

It is widely acknowledged that the Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the best bike in the nation, offering the ideal balance of durability and flair. There is thus little question that it continues to lead the company’s sales, even when it comes to second hand motorcycles, and holds the title for being one of the most popular bikes in India. A remanufactured commuter bike may be a fantastic alternative with user claims of 50 km/l mileage.

Do you intend to purchase a second hand motorcycles? For the finest selection of secondhand motorcycles from reputable brands, choose Everi. It is the ideal platform out of all of them where you may experience second hand motorcycles for a significantly lower cost.

Avenger 220 by Bajaj

The Bajaj Avenger 200, a result of the Bajaj-Kawasaki partnership, was successfully introduced. The maximum power of the 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine is 8000 rpm. If you want a bike that has a vintage appearance, you might choose to purchase this reconditioned model.

Bullet Electra 350 from Royal Enfield

When you think about Bullet, you probably envision a long road journey to Leh, and the vehicle’s respectable 35 km/l mileage confirms this. It has a 346 cc engine and a 5-speed transmission as standard equipment. When it comes to purchasing and selling old bikes, the Bullet Electra 350 continues to be a popular choice among customers. a wonderful selection for a comfy touring bicycle.

For the ideal riding experience, intensify your desire for a used bike! The best method to determine the bike’s personality and condition is to take it for a test ride.

YZF R15 S from Yamaha

When the Yamaha R15 first debuted, young people considered it a must-have because of its attractive design and high 42 km/l mileage. Even now, millennials are eager to purchase online-only reconditioned YZF R15 bikes. A 12-litre engine with a maximum power of 8500 rpm and a 6-speed manual transmission are standard on the motorcycle. It is one of the most popular second hand motorcycles because of these and many more fantastic specifications.

Splendor iSmart from Hero

The Hero Splendor iSmart has India’s first advanced sensor technology in a motorcycle, which is one of its key selling points. Due to its high 180 mm ground clearance, it is perfect for usage on busy roads with potholes and speed bumps.

CB Shine 125cc by Honda

When Honda introduced the CB Shine 125cc, it raised the standard in the motorcycle industry. It has a 125cc engine with a maximum power output of 7500 rpm. The 65 km/l CB Shine mileage is more than adequate for daily use in India’s diverse second hand motorcycle market. One of your top options for a purchase in 2022 should be the used version of this bike.

Discover 150 by Bajaj

The 2015-released Bajaj Discover 150’s 150 cc engine gives commuter bikes additional power. It has a staggering 72 kmpl mileage, 2 versions, and 5 colours, which makes it a fierce contender. Overall, the Bajaj Discover’s qualities make it the ideal commuter bike to buy online if you live in a busy metropolis.

Hopefully, this in-depth article on the most popular second hand motorcycles in the nation helped you decide. Don’t worry; Everi offers hundreds of motorcycles from every style constructed and tailored to suit your preferences.

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