Outdoor SMD Screen display VS DIP LED display in 2023


Did you know that there are two kinds of SMD Screen displays for outdoor use? Dual in-Line package (DIP) in addition to Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD).Clients are currently conditioned to believe that we sell SMD only, and think that SMD is superior to DIP in reality, however it’s all based on the product use. We also sell outside SMD as well as DIP LED displays. We will take a look at our most used DIP LED display: the OD10E P10 outdoor DIP Display with LED. It delivers brilliant and durable content for any outdoor harsh conditions. It’s durable thanks to the most advanced DIP technology for many years. Additionally, it’s super energy efficient, which helps to save energy consumption by a significant amount. Okay, let’s look at what is the difference from the outdoor SMD Screen displays and the Dip LED display.

The first question is what is a LED?

The light-emitting diode (LED) LED is small electronic semiconductor that converts electrical energy to visible light. The chemical substance used in the LED determines its brightness, color and efficiency. Unlike bulbs that use incandescent light LEDs do not have filaments that could go out of service or fail.

For LED displays we can break it down according to the type of LED:

Display with DIP LEDs

SMD LED display

COB LED display (future display technology, mini LED, micro LED)

Let’s discuss outdoors SMD as well as DIP LED displays. (It doesn’t make sense to compare indoor DIP with outdoor DIP)

What is DIP LED?

The module is constructed with three bubble-shaped LEDs that have color and are joined by 2 connector feet. Soldering through holes or sockets is the method used to attach this DIP modules. With sockets replacement of the device is easy and there is also no danger of harm caused from overheating (which happens when soldering).After the assembly of DIP modules for outdoor use is completed using heat dissipating silicone, it is then used to protect every module.

SMD (Surface Mounted Diode)

Within the SMD module, three SMD Screen colors are packed into a thin case, which is attached to the circuit. Since these diodes are positioned on only one side of the board, they’re small and are able to be placed further than. The closer they are placed, the better resolution. This is the reason SMD modules are increasingly utilized in indoor solutions. SMD modules can be manufactured smaller than 0.6mm in dimensions.

DIP LED display pros:

This is the first LED technology that was developed in the early 1960’s. Outdoor DIP LED display has been in use for a long time. It’s the most advanced method of outdoor LED displays. Durable and reliable, it ideal for any difficult conditions.

DIP screens are composed of three independent green, red as well as blue LEDs which are joined by the connector foot. This type of design can provide extremely efficient heat distribution. DIP is great for situations in which there’s a lot of direct sunlight. They also don’t reflect light from outside.

Super energy efficient more than SMD

Display cons of DIP LED

Because the bulbs are mounted to each other, DIP displays tend to be larger and heftier.

Pixel pitch minimum: 10mm. It cannot be less due to space constraints.

DIP screens consist of separate green, red as well as blue LEDs. Therefore, the uniformity of color is not much better than SMD screens. DIP LEDs suppliers offer premium-quality lamp, which means it is more expensive than screens with SMDs.

Outdoor SMD LED display pros:

Being on the board directly allows the manufacturers to put the LEDs closer to each other and this leads to higher resolution and also a smaller and lighter. SMD screen are LEDs that is equipped with three chips that create the colors as well as provide better uniformity. SMD LEDs can also offer greater viewing angles. that is 140degv x 140degh. DIP 140deg/70deg(or 120deg/60deg)

Outdoor SMD LED display cons

A little less brightness as compared to DIP screens.

More heat is dispatched with greater power consumption.

There are many SMD LED lamp factories on the market provide different levels of product that makes outdoor SMD a significant difference in terms of price.

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