The Ultimate Guide To Google Data Studio Connectors In 2022


Everything you would like to understand regarding Google Data Studio Connectors. A way to start is that reports form, useful templates and ways in which to enhance your selling analytics. Not sure of a way to read all of your knowledge in one place and not need to acquire a chic tool? We’ve all been there. Performance marketers usually have this challenge.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google knowledge Studio may be a net analytics platform that helps you produce data-driven reports and dashboards. You’ll be able to hook up with multiple knowledge sources, together with Google Sheets, BigQuery, and SQL information, and build reports with graphs, tables, and images.

Google knowledge Studio will specifically facilitate marketers accomplish these goals:

  • Integrate a good kind of knowledge into one presentation
  • Visualize a spread of information dynamically and creatively
  • Style and whole reports meeting custom necessities
  • Share knowledge with stakeholders in an exceedingly clear, compelling approach
  • Make shows accessible anytime, anywhere

How to start with Google Data Studio:

Here’s a stepwise method of making a report with Google knowledge Studio.

Step one – Check into Google Data Studio:-

The first step is to check in to your Google account and navigate to Google Knowledge Studio. You’ll be able to check in by visiting the Google knowledge Studio website and clicking on the button that says “USE IT FOR FREE”.

Step two – Hook up with Your knowledge sources:-

In order to make reports, you would like to attach them to your knowledge sources. You’ll be able to do that by clicking on the “Data Sources” button within the menu choices and choosing integrations like Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.

Step three – Produce a brand new report:-

Once you’ve got connected to your knowledge sources, you’ll be able to begin making reports. To make a brand new report, click on the “New Report” button within the toolbar. You’ll be able to either use AN existing guide or produce a dashboard from scratch by clicking on the “Blank Report” button.

Step four – Select charts and knowledge controls:-

Google knowledge Studio allows you to make a choice from a variety of various chart choices once making reports.

  • Time series
  • Basic line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Combo chart
  • Pie chart
  • Table

Step five – Select a guide (Optional):-

If you are employing a guide for your report then you’ll be able to realize one on their list of pre-made templates. They’re classified as supported by the info integration you wish to use. For example, if you wish to make a custom Google Analytics report then you’ll be able to make a choice from a variety of those:

  • An eCommerce PPC report
  • Google Merchandise store report
  • Google Analytics Behaviors summary

Once you click on a guide it’ll generate the whole report for you.

Step six – Add knowledge:-

To add knowledge to your report, you would like to pull and drop it from the info sources pane on the left aspect of the screen. You’ll be able to conjointly use filters and calculated fields to govern your knowledge. Referred to as “Google Connectors” there are over twenty of them.

Benefits of victimisation Google Data Studio:

With all of the various news tools out there, why use this one? Well, victimisation Google Knowledge Studio for your interactive reports encompasses a range of advantages. Here square measure a number of the highest ones.

It’s free & simple to use:-

Google Knowledge Studio is liberated to use, and you’ll be able to produce a limitless range of custom reports. It’s accessible on each desktop and mobile tech device, thus you’ll be able to access it anyplace. You’ll be able to hook up with multiple knowledge sources together with all of your numerous Google Drive apps, BigQuery, SQL databases, and more.

It’s versatile & powerful:-

Google Knowledge Studio is incredibly versatile, and you’ll be able to amend the font, colour palette, text size, border colour, background, and alignment of your graphs and tables. You’ll be able to conjointly filter and manipulate your knowledge in an exceedingly kind way in which.

It’s easy to be told:-

Google Knowledge Studio is incredibly simple to be told, and you’ll be able to produce high-quality reports in minutes. The computer programme is intuitive, and the assistance centre offers a wealth of data on a way to use all of the options. You’ll be able to conjointly be part of the Google Knowledge Studio community for support and suggestions from different users.


Google Knowledge Studio is one of the market’s hottest-selling news and visualisation tools. Attributable to its native compatibility with the remainder of the Google product, it’s widely employed by in-house marketers and agencies around the world.

Marketing agencies primarily like Google knowledge Studio thanks to its in-depth list of connectors. This text can make a case for everything you would like to understand regarding Google knowledge Studio Connectors – what they’re, however they’re used, and therefore the prime ten connectors for selling agencies. For a great deal of fascinating data and updated knowledge visit Chachakhabri.

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