Things You Can What to Do With a Broken TV


What to Do With a Broken TV

No matter if your LCD TV has a cracked screen, display problems or problems with the speakers, or any other issue, you’ll have a couple of alternatives to get the most from it. You can resolve this statement what to do with a Broken tv.

Repair Your LCD TV

The first thing you need to consider is getting your device fixed. If your television is under warranty, you can take it to the retailer who originally purchased it. If there is no warranty, take it to a different retailer to get an estimate for repair. Although you’re not likely to find specialist repair shops for TVs, some places still perform this kind of work. You can search the internet for repair shops for electronics in your local area. Some of the major chains that offer electronics, including Best Buy and Sears, can also repair certain brands and models of televisions. Ready to face this situation what to do with a Broken TV. If there is a problem with the TV, the repair is a straightforward and affordable task that a professional can complete for you without hassle.

Sell Your LCD TV

Many people purchase broken TVs to get parts they can reuse to fix other models. Others may be interested in a set with a particular issue they can live with. Consider advertising your TV on local classifieds sites. There is a good chance that you will not be able to make the amount you would for a damaged item; however, you may be in a position to sell it for a tiny amount. Suppose you post the LCD television on a classified site. In that case, it is more likely to get responses if you post an image of the TV along with other pertinent information, such as the year you purchased it, the dimensions, and the manufacturer’s name. Find other classifieds sites to find a fair price. And If you get few responses initially, consider making the price possible and request offers.

Recycle Your LCD TV

If none of the above alternatives work for you, you can recycle the TV. Nearly all towns have an electronic recycling center where you can take the television, which is then reduced and reused. This is a greener alternative to throwing it into the garbage. Certain areas don’t even permit the disposal of TVs in the regular trash that will end up in our local garbage dump. This is because a lot of flat-screen TVs contain mercury in their components, which is damaging to the environment.

How Do I Dispose of Old TVs?

Throwing away an old TV in the garbage can be a straightforward solution, but it’s a waste of time and is a harmful environment. Texas was close to passing an act to recycle TVs in 2009, but Governor Rick Perry could not sign the bill. This means that San Antonio residents have to do more work than other Texans in disposing of their old TVs as the city has no municipal TV disposal service, as is their government. You can resolve this situation what to do with a broken TV. Residents have many choices for disposing of non-working or working old televisions, and they should select the most convenient one.

Step 1

Bring your old TV to your nearest Best Buy. They will recycle any television of any brand that’s 32 inches or less for $10. They’ll then present the buyer with a coupon for $10. Pick one of the four San Antonio Best Buy locations to eliminate your old TV (see the Resources).

Step 2

They were recycling Sony, Samsung, L/G, Zenith, Toshiba, Sharp, Mitsubishi, or Panasonic televisions by donating them to their manufacturers. According to Texas Take Back notes (see Resources), These television makers provide free recycling programs for televisions. Contact the manufacturer of your old television directly for more information about the program and return the TV.

Step 3

Bring working TVs to a San Antonio Goodwill, choosing one of five locations or the dozens of smaller drop-off locations that are less frequented. Find areas of stores and drop-off times on The website for Goodwill in San Antonio (see the Resources). Don’t bring old, unusable televisions to Goodwill, as they’ll have to be disposed of.

Step 4

Place televisions in your home’s garbage bin as the last option. Placing old TVs in landfills creates toxic waste in the environment, as old televisions have between 8 and 10 pounds. of lead, as per My SanAntonio.

Average Repair Costs

The Best Buy website has a list of fixes for flat-screen TVs, based on the nation’s average of June 2014 Panel: $1250; Main System Board – $350; Power Supply – $275; Control Board – $350 Cooling Fans $335; Speakers $335 and inputs $335.

Size and Model Matter

The cost of repairs to TVs will differ according to the location and the kind of repair service you hire to repair your TV. The size and model of your TV will also be considered prices, with TVs that measure 42″ and above triggering the first price hike. There might be additional costs for LCD or plasma LED models; however, this is not common. However, the older models of analog televisions may cost more due to parts becoming more difficult to locate. For those who own old-fashioned TV, it is better to purchase an entirely new one and avoid repairs.


There are several choices what to do with a broken TV. You can bring it to a recycling center, try fixing it yourself, or dispose of it. If you recycle your TV, you should find an accredited center to dispose of it correctly. If you’re skilled, many instructional videos are available online to help repair your television. However, sometimes the best solution is to throw it away and get a brand-new model.

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