Top Adventures of Desert Safari in Dubai


Dubai, the land of wonders, is a mainstream magnet for tourists to explore various aspects of the UAE with thrill and adventure. This marvelous state is fully loaded with natural beauty, unique pieces of art, cultural heritage, and modern world fantasy. Stunning skyscrapers, marvelous shopping malls, historical monuments, and luxurious hotels provide visitors with the ultimate thrill, joy, and pleasure. 

One of the major reasons that make Dubai an ultimate choice for thrilling excursions is its proximity to the world’s famous Arabian deserts. All the glitter and fantasy of the city side is unable to beat the thrill and adventure of a desert safari trip. It offers something adventurous and thrilling to all age groups which makes it equally popular among all types of tourists. 

What is Desert Safari in Dubai? 

It is synonymous with the thrilling exploration of a geographical region. It provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the vast, endless deserts of the UAE in traditional Arab style and collect unforgettable memories with their loved ones. It is the ultimate source of pleasure for history patrols, traditional culture enthusiasts, nature explorers, adventure lovers, and thrill seekers. In short, this thrilling desert safari is home to all types of action-packed activities and fascinating desert life experiences. 

During the desert safari tour, visitors can witness the world’s best natural landscapes from wondrous tracks to mighty dunes and Gulf shores to stunning Hajar mountain ranges. Massive opportunities to experience ancient Arabs lifestyles and action-pack activities enable it to attract millions of tourists across the world each year. 

Top Adventures to Enjoy in Desert Safari Dubai 

If you want to experience the height of thrill and adventure then desert safari is the perfect choice for you. The reason is that it allows you to experience every kind of adventure from luxury car ride to fat bike riding and mountain tracks to rare wildlife spotting. However, most people wonder why they spend a lot of money just to visit a desert. 

The top adventures that you can enjoy during desert safari excursions are listed below. 

Dune Bashing 

The most thrilling adventure that you can witness in desert safari Dubai is the exciting dune bashing. From the lap of a luxury Land Cruiser or a typical 4×4 vehicle bashing the heavy dunes of red sand is not only a source of pleasure for the riders but also gives immense joy and goosebumps to the audience. This thrilling experience also provides you with mesmerizing photographs to cherish this memorable event for a lifetime. 

Quad Biking 

Most of you have watched and admired the thrilling bike ride in vast deserts on your T.V screens. And often desire to witness or experience this adventure in real life. Desert safari in Dubai provides you with this golden opportunity. 

Quad biking is a famous sand support and is highly popular among young tourists. This amazing vehicle allows you to bash dunes and show your inner heat by riding the bike on huge dunes and mysterious mountain tracks like a pro 

 Professional guides monitor this adventure by helicopter to ensure the safety of the riders. 


Nothing will be more satisfying than enjoying a snowboarding experience in the desert. It is just like dancing on the red floor of the desert and shining with the sun. This adventurous experiment is an ideal activity for sand supporters. It allows visitors to balance their bodies over a plane board with wheels and show their skills over large dunes. 

Camel Ride 

It’s one of the most memorable, funny, and adventurous rides that visitors can enjoy on a desert safari. It is best for all age groups. This one-hour ride is the best way to explore ancient dates, spot rare wildlife, and experience the Arab lifestyle in the desert.   

Overnight Camping 

The main highlight of the desert safari is the overnight camping experience. It allows you to explore the traditional and cultural aspects of Dubai. You can enjoy delicious BBQ items here, Arabian coffee, tea, and other drinks. Famous Belly dance, Tanura dance, and folk music concerts are also a part of this entertaining adventure. 

Wrapping Up 

All these activities are quite enough to provide visitors with the height of thrill or adventure and satisfy your investment for a memorable experience.  Not only adventurous activities but also allows tourists to experience ancient Arabs lifestyles, traditions, culture, and famous cuisines. Therefore, desert safari in Dubai deserves to be a part of the must-visit places on your next trip to Dubai.

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