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WordPress Import plugins for simple site migrations


WordPress Import plugins for simple site migrations

Let’s first look at how to import and export WordPress content using a plugin. WordPress importer allows users to move data between WordPress sites or import data from other blogging services. Exporting from WordPress can result in data, including pages, comments, and custom fields. You can also export tags, categories, posts, pages, and comments. This section will show you how to use it for migrating content between WordPress sites and ACF Import.

Select the assets that you wish to export from this screen. You can choose all your content (selected by default), but you can also select Posts, Pages, or Media. You can filter your export by attributes such as category, authority, or start/end dates and Export ACF.

Why should you use a WordPress plugin to import your WordPress content?

The native WordPress importer can be convenient, but you might want more control over the migration. It could be a file type other than the WordPress-prescribed XML, more filters on what content you want to export, WooCommerce compatibility, or the ability to ship things that WordPress cannot (e.g., widgets span>

You can export your data via your server’s control panels and WordPress dashboard. You may need access to your control panel or be unable to use it.

Import plugins can be handy in this situation. Plugins provide different functions and methods to transfer your data without leaving your dashboard. These plugins can be integrated with WordPress easily and ACF Import.

You should know that not all WordPress plugins can do the same thing. It is essential to choose one that suits your needs. We’ve compiled seven of the most popular options for data import into and export from WordPress sites.

ACF Import

The WP All Import plugin has over 100,000 users. This free plugin allows users to import data from other websites or CMS to their WordPress site. Drag and drop the content that you wish to import. WP All Import supports a wide range of file formats. There is no need to format files. The Premium version can also import images to the media gallery, upload files from URLs, and export data to custom fields. A companion plugin is also available to manage exports: WP all Export.

Customizer Export/Import

WordPress Customizer is a great way to customize your site’s appearance. Depending on which theme you choose, you can set dozens of options in the Customizer. You must recreate each module setting manually if you move WordPress sites. The Customizer Export/Import plugin is free. Customizer Export/Import was developed by the same team that created Beaver Builder. It allows you to export customizer settings and import them into your new theme settings. It should work as long as you import the same theme you shipped. You can also use Customizer Export/Import to create and restore backups of your Customizer settings.

Widget Importer & Exporter

Widgets, another component of WordPress, can’t be moved between sites using native WordPress methods. Widget Importer & Exporter fixes this problem. This plugin creates a JSON file that stores the widget information on your site. This plugin creates a JSON file that stores your site’s widget information. It can be imported to your new location and used to recreate the widget. Widget Importer & Exporter is great for backing up your widget configurations. The plugin won’t add gadgets incompatible with the active theme or devices in the same place.

Export All URLs

This plugin will allow you to export every URL from a large WordPress website. Although it may seem daunting, this simple plugin will make it easy. Export All URLs enable you to take hundreds or even thousands of URLs from a WordPress website and export them in a CSV file. This plugin is great for auditing pages and pages with many blog posts or product pages. If you need to create redirects or start a migration, an exported file will give you a complete picture of URLs on your site.

Customers and Importers

WordPress admins can export all users and associated metadata to the Import and Export Users & Customers plugin. The data can then be imported onto a new website or created new profiles. The plugin allows you to modify user roles while you import. If a user already exists on the site you’re importing into; the user information will update automatically. Additionally, this plugin can email users on your contact list to alert them of any changes you make. It is compatible with Woo Commerce, which allows you to import and export the accounts of your shoppers.

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