YouTube Tests Out its Queueing System For iOS, Android Users


YouTube is constantly testing new updates and features to make their website more user friendly. Recently, they debuted a new queueing system for iOS and Android users that allows users to watch videos in order of preference. This system is different from the usual way that YouTube functions where users can watch any video they like without worrying about the order. Thequeueing system is meant to help users find videos faster by sorting them by topic, rating, or author. This update is currently only available to iOS and Android users and is still being tested so keep an eye out for it if you use either of those platforms.

YouTube Queue is Coming to Android and iOS

YouTube is testing out a new queueing system for users of its iOS and Android platforms. The system allows users to queue up videos and watch them in the order that they were added to the queue. This feature is currently available on YouTube’s official app for iOS, and is set to roll out to other apps over the next few weeks.

The new queueing system could be useful for people who want to watch multiple videos at once but don’t want to waste time watching videos that have already been watched. It could also be useful for people who want to avoid seeing ads.

This feature isn’t available yet everywhere, so it may not be available in all countries or regions. YouTube says that it will update this information on its website and in its app.

How to Test YouTube Queuing Feature on iOs or Android

YouTube is testing out a new queuing system for iOS and Android users. The feature allows you to queue up videos so that they play in order. You can also cancel queuing if you need to watch a video right away. This is an experimental feature, so it may not be available everywhere yet. YouTube says that the queueing system will help make watching videos easier, especially when there are lots of them waiting to be played.


YouTube is testing out a new queuing system for iOS and Android users that should make it easier to watch videos without having to keep switching between apps. The new system will let you select a video from your queue, start watching it, and then leave the app without ever having to open any other menus or tabs. The hope is that this new system will speed up the process of watching videos by making them more easily accessible. If you are interested in trying out the new queuing system, be sure to check it out on YouTube soon!

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